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An Accounting Resume should include business acumen, organizational skills and ability to manage deadlines, teamwork ability, communication, and interpersonal skills, and proficiency in IT. An accountant is a professional who is responsible for keeping and interpreting financial records and thus their accounting resume must reflect their accounting abilities as well.

Since a hiring manager or recruiter can obtain hundreds of resumes for each job listing, they will only spend a couple of minutes or even seconds reviewing each one. It’s important to emphasize the aspects of your resume that show why you’re a strong candidate for the job. A strong skills section on your resume can be your employer’s first introduction to your qualifications as a candidate and we will make sure to describe your skills in such a way that employers won’t be able to move away from you.

Accounting Resume Sample

This is an award-winning accounting resume sample. Joanne isn’t just an accomplished Accountant, but a dynamic person and a self-proclaimed champion of unceasing improvement. She has garnered a reputation as a professional who can be trusted to zoom in on the minute details and figure out how to fix a variance or optimize a painfully slow process to keep things moving for her employers. That’s why she saw the position of Assistant Controller as the natural next step in her career progression.

Since Joanne’s field of work is quite conservative, we’ve decided to go with a traditional layout for her finance resume, peppering it with the keywords from the job descriptions she was targeting. However, in addition to a restrained gray, we’ve introduced a tasteful shade of green that not just goes with the money/finance theme, but also symbolizes the client’s drive for streamlining processes, and makes her finance resume stand out compared to those of her peers.

We have also decided to highlight Joanne’s accomplishments with the help of special sidebar graphics, which give the recruiter a quick and convincing overview of the value-added Joanne brings to the table as an employee. Here, the green arrow graphics coupled with bold and clear figures emphasize the client’s professional vigor and commitment to optimization.

Joanne thought that her new accounting resume was right on-brand for her professionally. When I checked in with her a couple of months after completing her project, she told me she had gotten exponentially more invitations to interviews with her new résumé, and that she was happily employed by a large industrial corporation where she could put her experience and skills to good use.

This Finance Resume was awarded the ROAR Award for Experienced Writer Modern Classic Design Resume Catagory. The ROAR Resume Writing Award (Recognizing Outstanding Achievement in Resumes) is presented by the National Resume Writers’ Association. These awards are given out to the Best Resume Writers in the country and position iCareerSolutions as one of the Top Resume Writing Services Companies.

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Best Accounting Resume Sample

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