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I'm impressed how you've managed to summarize it into two pages and still were able to highlight my experience and accomplishment. Kudos to your skills.


Wow you are amazing at what you do. I think you made a Michelangelo out of some finger painting.


I went through the documents and they are really good thank you. Now I know why people need resume specialist to land a job.


Thank you so much for the outstanding work on the cover letter and resume. You have outdone all my expectations of what you could put together with so much information.


Arno Markus called me earlier and I received a message from another writer in Canada as well. After talking to Arno for just a few seconds, I knew he was the one to help me.


Wow!! Who knew I could be such an impressive person on paper! You have done an outstanding job!


Arno, you are a POET! I’m floored by your work. This is excellent.


I sent out my resume and cover letter to a company after our meeting and received a call this morning for an interview! Thanks for listening to all my questions and your format obviously works!


Wanted to let you know that thanks to your finely crafted resume and cover letter, I am now up to 4 interviews!! Can't thank you enough for your efforts.


I forwarded the resume on to a friend who is a recruiter in this industry and he was impressed with the quality of the resume too.


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