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IT Resume

Transitioning from the Government Sector to the Corporate World: IT Resume and Careers

Transitioning from the Government Sector to the Corporate World: IT Resumes and Careers If you work in cybersecurity, application development, project management, IT leadership, systems engineering, or any other IT function in the government sector, you may have been wondering about the opportunities in the corporate world. Here are some strategic steps to take when...
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Job interview mistakes

Are You Making These Job Interview Mistakes?

Are you making these job interview mistakes? Nervous about an upcoming interview? We get it. Interviews can come with a lot of pressure and cause stress. How do you prepare to nail it? A good first step is to know what NOT to do. Once you know where most candidates make mistakes, it’s easy to...
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Use Search Engine Optimization Principles to Your Advantage

How to use SEO in your Job Search Getting noticed by a potential employer is very similar to getting your website to show up on the first pages of Google search results. Your key to success lies in making your application documents relevant and easy to find. That way, when an HR looks for a...
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Find Your Niche

Why do you need to find your Niche? Although today’s advice could also be relevant to someone looking for a career change, it will be geared first and foremost towards new graduates and those working hard to obtain that status. Armed with college degrees, they often find themselves frustrated as to which career path to...
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How to Make Your Freelance, Consulting or Self-employed Experience Work for You

It’s no secret that the job market is tough these days, and finding stable long-term employment is a feat in and of itself. So it’s not surprising that many qualified professionals take up consulting and freelance projects, or even start their own private businesses to make a living. And while some derive great pleasure out...
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How You Know It’s Time To Update Your Resume

How You Know It’s Time To Update Your Resume Writing and maintaining your resume isn’t easy. It’s tempting to send off the same document you’ve always used and hope that it impresses employers enough to interview you. However, if you really want that dream job, your resume counts more than you might think. Want to...
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