LinkedIn Networking

Keeping Up with How Technology has Changed the Job Search

Keeping Up with How Technology has Changed the Job Search The digital revolution has impacted more than just how we communicate and collaborate with colleagues, friends, and family. It has also transformed how recruiters find top talent and the ways employers screen job applicants – they now harness the power of technology to make their...
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LinkedIn 101: Your Cheat Sheet to Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has hit a milestone with 303 monthly active users. Nevertheless, many people have only a vague idea as to how to use this unique tool for their career development or job search. “Do I need a LinkedIn profile?” and “Why can’t I just copy my resume into my LinkedIn profile?” are among the most...
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LinkedIn Profile Writers

Technology & Job Hunting: The Essentials

Whether you like it or not, a good old-fashioned resume, while still essential to your job hunting success, is not enough to gain you that much needed competitive advantage anymore. In today’s information-driven society, your best bet is using technology to give your professional brand an edge that will get you noticed – and hired!...
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Foster Your Professional Network

Foster Your Professional LinkedIn Network While the benefits of expanding your personal and professional network are well-known, and tactics for doing it successfully are available in abundance, the subject of nurturing existing contacts is often unjustly overlooked. However, keeping in touch with people you already know can drive your job hunting efforts just as effectively...
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LinkedIn 101: Reaching Out to Strangers

LinkedIn Strategies It’s no secret that half of the available job openings are never advertised. In addition to promoting internal staff, companies often create new vacancies or fill existing ones when and if they know their target candidate is on the market. The harsh truth is – the HRs will probably skip going through hundreds...
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