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Transitioning from the Government Sector to the Corporate World: IT Resume and Careers

Transitioning from the Government Sector to the Corporate World: IT Resumes and Careers If you work in cybersecurity, application development, project management, IT leadership, systems engineering, or any other IT function in the government sector, you may have been wondering about the opportunities in the corporate world. Here are some strategic steps to take when...
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Why It Pays to Work with a Professional Resume Writer

There are Many Reasons It Pays to Work with a Professional Resume Writer Want to polish up your resume? There’s a lot of information out there about the best way to do it. A professional writer has the skills to take your resume to the next level. Keep reading to find out why it pays...
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7 Phrases to Remove from Your Resume

7 Phrases to Remove from Your Professional Resume You might not be aware of it, but by using weak words and phrases in your resume, you are sabotaging your own chances of landing a great job. These employment-speak clichés can make even the most qualified candidate come across as incompetent, dull, and lacking both initiative...
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Four Fatal Mistakes You Should Never Make on Your Resume!

Four Fatal Mistakes You Should Never Make on Your Resume! When applying for a position, some small mistakes could result in missing out on your dream job. Make sure that the contact information on your employment documents is complete, correct, and appropriate. Even if your credentials are a perfect match for the position, you won’t...
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Tuesday Tip: Remove irrelevant information from your resume

It takes a Hiring Manager several seconds to scan your application and decide whether or not to consider inviting you for an interview. By cluttering your resume with information that is not relevant to the position you’re applying for, you are sabotaging your chances for landing that coveted job. Here are some guidelines to help...
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Varying Verbs: Key to Adding Pizzazz to Your Resume

Add Pizzazz to Your Executive Resume Not so long ago I’ve shared with you a list of phrases that have the power to seriously sabotage your job hunt if used in an executive resume or cover letter. If you’ve already weeded these out of your employment documents, it’s time to move to the next level...
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Steer Clear of Going Crazy with Formatting

How to make your resume stand out while maintaining your brand? Are you trying to stand out from the crowd with your resume? Using Curlz MT font coupled with boldface on a hot pink background will certainly make your application stand out among others; in a bad way. So in addition to ensuring that your...
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Don’t rely on clichés

Let’s face it, peppering your resume and cover letter with terms akin to “result-oriented team-player” is not going to cut it these days. First of all, this tactic is used by so many job seekers, that it won’t help you stand out from the crowd. Secondly, relying on overused terms and recycled phrases tells the...
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How You Know It’s Time To Update Your Resume

Writing and maintaining your resume isn’t easy. It’s tempting to send off the same document you’ve always used and hope that it impresses employers enough to interview you. However, if you really want that dream job, your resume counts more than you might think. Want to know when it’s time to update your resume? Here...
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