Tuesday Tip: Make sure that the contact information on your employment documents is complete, correct and appropriate

TT - Contact information

Even if your credentials are a perfect match for the position, you won’t be invited to the interview unless the recruiter has some way of contacting you.

  • Forgetting to put your contact info on the resume sounds like a silly mistake, but it happens. Needless to say, it’s a fatal error.
  • Typos in your e-mail address and phone number will definitely hinder your chances of landing a job.
  • Use a professional e-mail address, preferably the one that contains your name. catlover85@mail.com or drama_queen2010@mail.com and the like are appropriate for personal communication with family and friends, but they don’t belong on a resume.
  • Think twice before including links to your social media profiles. Make sure that they will serve you well and contain no controversial or rude material. Portfolios, industry blogs and LinkedIn are acceptable, but only if they complement your professional image and are relevant to the position.