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“I am pleased that you are interested in working with iCareerSolutions. I would be happy to personally answer any questions you have regarding our services as I believe in an open-door policy. If you have any questions now, or anywhere during the process, please feel free to call me on 1-877-883-3165 or email at to arrange a one-on-one consultation.” – Arno Markus BA, MSc., CPRW, CEO & Founder of iCareerSolutions with TJ Wolf, Head of Security.

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Here are Just a Few of Our Best Resume Writing Service 5-Star Reviews

  • I have had the recent pleasure of working with Arno after transitioning careers from start-up back to corporate. Arno gave me an appropriate critique regarding my resume (tough love) and guidance on how LinkedIn can work for me instead of against me. After working with him and his team I feel like I’m moving in a direction that will lead me to the best NEW career home. Thank you, Arno! Charles

    Charles Pigneri
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • I had the pleasure to work with Arno on my resume. I found him to be very professional and he provided good feedback. I am very happy with the my newly revised resume and actually just received an offer for a new role. I have been very impressed with Arno’s knowledge and skill. I fully recommend anyone seeking to update their resume to seek out his services.

    Tim Peeney
    Compensation Lead, North America at Kantar
  • I have been working with Arno and his team for several weeks now and I have been very impressed with their professionalism, industry knowledge and responsiveness to my questions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a high quality resume and social media presence. And the cost is quite reasonable. Keep up the great work!

    Suzanne Ley
    Director, Financial Institutions Group
  • I had the pleasure of working with Arno to solidify my LinkedIn profile, so it appeared more professional. I found Arno’s tactics to be focused, candid, and extremely explanatory so that it was easily understood why he was suggesting the changes he was suggesting. I strongly recommend Arno.

    Matt Fleming
    Director of Operations
  • I can’t say how happy and satisfied I am not only with the end product but with his process and his demeanor towards me. He is very professional, delivered all work ahead of schedule,….it was truly a collaborative process as it should be. Arno gave me a lot of insight in the current process of HR hiring practices. I highly recommend Arno not only for writing a professional resume but for helping me improve my Linkedin Profile. Thanks so much Arno!

    Ronnie Sevilla
    Executive, Retail Banking
  • I recently worked with Arno to sharpen the focus of my resume. His years of practical experience are evident in every conversation. His familiarity with the current recruiting ecosystem helped me to target my resume to jobs best suited for my experience and skill set in a way that would get it noticed. I’m very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend him.

    Rich Marano
    Operations Executive
  • I recommend Arno Markus @ ICareerSolutions to anyone looking to rebuild their resume in order to be competitive in today’s market especially optimizing for recruiters and success in making it through ATS software systems so you can get an interview. -TRS

    Tom Schaefer
    Experienced senior program manager and project leader
  • Arno and his team at iCareerSolutions are fast, reliable, and incredibly knowledgeable about resumes, LinkedIn SEO, and the recruitment process. From start to finish, communication was a constant and the entire process was professional. Every step of Arno’s process is on time and delivers on what was promised. I am pleased with the results, and I recommend Arno for assistance with your resume, with LinkedIn SEO, and consultation on the hiring process

    Ben-IT Resume-Director of IT Security & Compliance Resume-Massachusetts
    Ben Howard
    Director of IT Security
  • Arno and his team have been consummate professionals with regard to bringing my resume, LinkedIn profile and perspective into the future. Professional service, fast turn around and great perspective for a winning strategy.

    Charles Mercurio
    Operations Manager
  • iCareerSolutions provided what they promised, when they promised it. All of Arno’s staff were personable and up front about their products. Arno’s personal initial interaction showed his hands on approach and sealed my interest in getting them to assist with my job search. Thank you!

    Lionel Grant
    Principal Onel'li Events
  • Arno and his staff did a remarkable job revitalizing my career documents. Thank you, Arno!

    Warren Miller
    Sales Executive
  • I have used Arno’s suggestions on my resume and linked in profile while I was actively looking for a new career. I received many compliments on both my resume and linked in page. He has helped me out tremendously and he will do the same for you.

    Joy Mayo
    Vice President
  • When I was unemployed, I sought out Arno for re-writing my resume. I was struggling so hard while being unemployed that I had to ration out my food. After Arno’s careful and professional work, I had a 5 Star resume. After about a month of applying I landed a fantastic job. Now I’m working for a company with a brand new marketing department and I’m on track to becoming a leader. This was by far the best money I’ve ever spent. I owe it to Arno that I have such a great job. I’m STILL getting contacted by companies too!

    Eric Harris
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • I would recommend Arno for anyone considering a professional resume update. During my recent search, I received several compliments from interviewers on the presentation, organization and content of my resume. The results definitely helped me in my search, and it could help you too!

    Marc Fox
    Logistics Director
  • Arno has an impressive knowledge of the professional marketplace and how to leverage your experience in order to make potential employers take notice.

    Ray Blomquist
    Procurement/Acquisition Director, Supply Chain Leader
  • Arno was very professional and created a resume that really highlights my successes. His coaching has also been instrumental in my job searches, career profiles, and professional goals. I was very impressed by his knowledge and advise. Arno was always prompt for our scheduled sessions and quickly responded to all of my email inquiries. I would definitely hire Arno again.

    Rachelle Fitzpatrick
    Director of Operations
  • Arno did a great job writing my resume and gave me some good advice, I am starting to see opportunities come my way for the job I really want.

    John Kotzin
    Senior Sales Executive/ Gold Medal Coach
  • Arno Markus is one of the most amazing professionals I have met over my many years as a school principal. I have read thousands of resumes over that time and I can honestly say that I have never seen a resume that comes anywhere near the standard that Arno helps clients create. He is head and shoulders above anyone I have ever seen in his field. As well, I just had Arno update my LinkedIn profile and I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of his work on my behalf. Out of a score of 10, I give Arno a 15 for his professionalism and the ease and grace he personally exhibits.

    Robert-Professional Resume Client-Author& Speaker Resume-Ontario, Canada
    Dr. Robert W. Walker
    Author & Speaker

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