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Discover the secrets to writing a compelling professional bio that gets you noticed by hiring managers and recruiters. Get hired faster with our proven examples.

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Resume Writing Tips

Tips from an Award-Winning Certified Professional Resume Writer: Krista Mitchell, CPRW Krista has worked with iCareerSolutions since 2011. She wrote

Resume Mistakes

Resume Mistakes

Four Fatal Mistakes You Should Never Make on Your Resume! Most of the time you only have one chance to

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professional bio example for a commercial executive with 15 years of experience

Professional Bio Examples

Discover the secrets to writing a compelling professional bio that gets you noticed by hiring managers and recruiters. Get hired

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reverse recruitment

Navigating Plateaus: How Reverse Recruiting Can Reignite Your Career Path

In today’s fiercely competitive professional landscape, securing high-level roles such as C-Suite positions, Vice Presidents (VPs), or Directors is akin to conquering Everest. These roles are not just prestigious but they often come with substantial responsibilities and rewards. The path to such positions comes with its challenges, including scarcity and intense competition. It’s common for dozens of qualified applicants to interview for an executive role. While the competition is stiff, there is a potential solution that could revolutionize your career trajectory in competitive or limited opportunity fields: Reverse Recruiting.

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how to add resume to linkedin

How to Write a Recommendation Letter: Sample and Tips

In the competitive landscape of job and academic applications, a well-written letter of recommendation can be a game-changer. Serving as a testament to your skills, achievements, and character from someone who knows you well, it provides a unique third-party insight that resumes and personal statements cannot.

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Interview Coaching Service

Mastering the Interview: How to Answer “What Interests You About This Position?

Preparing for a job interview can feel like preparing for a big performance. Among the many questions you might be asked, “What interests you about this position?” is a key one. This question is your chance to show how much you want the job and why you’re the perfect fit. Think of it as a spotlight moment where you can shine and make the interviewers remember you. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to answer this question in a way that will make you stand out. Let’s dive in and turn this challenge into a great opportunity!

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Letter of Interest Sample and Top Writing Tips

A letter of interest is key in today’s changing job world where it’s important to stand out. Job hunters are always looking for new ways to grab employers’ attention, beyond just sending a resume and cover letter. Writing a letter of interest can help you find chances that you might not see right away. This guide will show you how to write a strong letter of interest, how it’s different from a cover letter, and give you tips to make sure people remember your application.

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