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The Job Hunt Made Easy: Job Placement Services

If you are on the job hunt, you have never heard of job placement services, but they exist essentially as a “Reverse Recruiter.”

The role of a Reverse Recruiter is to help you find a dream job and make your job hunt easy.

They utilize unique strategies and tools in the job search process in order to help you land that coveted position. They put themselves in your shoes and understand what you need to do to find a job.

They analyze and compile the top trending keywords in job descriptions and give career advice on how to best position yourself for these roles.

With their help, you can apply to jobs and find interviews that fit you perfectly. Reverse Recruiters are innovative job placement professionals who want to see you succeed in landing your dream job.

A Reverse Recruiter is someone who assists a job seeker in creating resume documents, performing job search, applying to jobs, and finding interviews

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What Does a Recruiter Do?

A recruiter is a professional whose task is to find and fill open positions for businesses and organizations.

They work for the companies, not the job seekers, and have to fill specific positions that are assigned to them by their employers.

This means they don’t always have the power to offer a job hunter the job that is most suitable. They can only offer you the roles they are currently working to fill. However, recruiters often have valuable insight into job listings on market and can job hunt to find you a role that is a good fit for your skills and career goals.

So if you’re looking for a new job, it’s worth talking to a recruiter to see what options are out there for you on your job hunt.

What Does a Job Placement Specialist Do?

Now that we’ve gone through what a recruiter does, it should be simpler to understand the duties of a Reverse Recruiter.

Job Placement Specialists (Reverse Recruiters) assist job seekers in all phases of the recruitment process. In general, they do job search-related activities from the other side of the spectrum.

Reverse Recruiters, rather of recruiting for organizations, search for employment and firms on behalf of people looking for work.

Reverse Recruiters work directly for and with the job seekersnot for the hiring companies.

They take your career information, professional goals, and aspirations and get to work to find jobs that match your background and fulfill your vocational objectives. 

They employ advanced job search techniques to suss out job descriptions on job boards and make sure your resume application is tailored to these job opportunities to find the jobs that suit you the most. 

They optimize your social media platforms so that a future employer or staffing agency can find you.

Looking for a job can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the time to devote to your job search. That’s where reverse recruiters come in to find jobs that are both advertised and unadvertised.

Our Job Placement Services do just that.

Through this service, I can help you customize your professional documents (resume and LinkedIn profile), find job opportunities, submit applications, and set up interviews on your behalf.

I am an expert in the recruitment field and I want to see you succeed to find jobs. My team will work with you to find the right position and even help apply on your behalf.

We make your job search easy. B

We get you through the first human resources screening process by optimizing your resume and profile to the correct keywords for the right job.

What Do Job Placement Specialists at iCareerSolutions do?

We can make your job hunting simpler by handling every aspect of it from start to finish.

While our career finder service helps you obtain interviews, you may have more time to do what you desire!

Here’s an overview of what our Job Placement Service has to offer

Job Searching

Once your career marketing materials are ready, we will help you find relevant jobs that match your skills and experience, and all you need to do is approve them.


Once you do, we will apply on your behalf using a customized ATS-compatible resume.


We will contact and engage key people on your behalf to set interviews and networking sessions.

Interview Prep

We will help you prepare for your interview with customized coaching.

In short, our Job Placement Services assist you every step of the way, saving you, on average, 200+ hours of job searching time. 

Key Takeaways

Yes, you can hire someone to find you a job. They are called Job Placement Specialists, or Reverse Recruiters!

  • Traditional recruiters work with companies to fill open positions. Reverse Recruiters work for job seekers to find suitable jobs.
  • iCareerSolutions Job Placement Services can fulfill all of your job search needs, from finding great jobs to getting through human resources screening, to interview preparation.
  • You can save 200+ hours of job searching and focus on more important things or simply relax. You can also rest easy knowing that you are in expert hands. You may even make more money!

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