Tanya Mykhaylychenko

Professional Resume Writer


Tanya has experience in IT staffing, academia-to-industry transitions, and resume writing for a variety of career levels. She approaches each resume by carefully considering the client’s career goals, industry requirements, target position, and transferable accomplishments. She brings her attentive listening and the client’s career record together to represent the client’s unique offer to the hiring managers, recruiters, and colleagues—with utmost care and clarity.

Tanya holds a Master of Arts in English from Colorado State University.

“I just wanted to say thank you again. My resume has catapulted my career and I was given and accepted an offer that is the biggest pay of my career as well as the best benefits and equity stake that is staggering… I have been passing your information to anyone who needs it.”

“I landed a great job today and was regularly complimented on my resume throughout the process.”

“I’m absolutely blown away by your work.”