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I have read thousands of resumes and I can honestly say that I have never seen a resume that comes anywhere near the standard that Arno helps clients create. He is head and shoulders above anyone I have ever seen in his field. Out of a score of 10, I give Arno a 15 for his professionalism and the ease and grace he personally exhibits.

Dr. R.W.

I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I got an offer from ADP as a project manager. Thank you so much, I was definitely underestimating a power of a good resume. I have been applying at ADP since January of this year and would not even get a phone interview.


Arno's resume writing skills are top notch! I was very impressed with my resume. He helped me get the job I wanted. I would definitely recommend his services.


Arno is phenomenal. He helped me develop a resume that was effectively geared to Marketing roles and eased the transition from financial services. As a result of his professional coaching and resume services, I exponentially received more calls from interested employers and recruiters. I'm currently gainfully employed as an International Marketing Specialist for a well-established global software company!


Thanks to Arno's superb work I now have a concise, consistent and clearly Branded set of documents and LinkedIn profile. My resume, cover letter and "expert" level LinkedIn profile have combined to create my professional Brand that represents both what I have achieved and what I have to offer potential employers. The improvements Arno made have resulted in more online visibility and a significantly increased number of responses to my job applications.


Arno not only provided me with a new and improved resume, but also a new format for a cover letter, as well as a very important updated Linkedin profile. Within one week of receiving these new documents, I sent them out to various people seeking opportunities. The first person I sent it to immediately commented back to me about the great professional quality of the resume. The second person I sent it to was a recruiter, who came back to me with an offer to be considered as a candidate. Wow! These are the most positive results I've received in the past 6 months.


Arno I think you are a genius! I love the new format and I can’t believe how much better my resume reads. You are truly gifted at what you do. I think the cover letter is written in such a way that you made it easy for me to tailor it to any position that I am applying for. It’s wonderful.


WOW…And this is why you are the professional writer! You took a pigs ear and turned it into a silk purse my friend. 🙂


Amazing job.... I'd hire me


These are fantastic! You have a true talent to synthesize a paragraph into one sentence, I commend you. You have captured the essence of who I am and what I bring, thank you.


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