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WOW, what a great job on both the Cover Letter & Resume. I think you did an awesome job highlighting everything the way it should be.


I have looked at the resume and cover letter and I really like what you have created. It makes me that diamond in the rough.


Wow, I look great on paper and you're amazing 🙂 You really are an expert in your field...this resume is all my stuff but presented in a format that I feel way more confident sharing with others!!! As for the colour, I would never have thought to include it. I'm not one for bells and whistles but if this is what sells, I'm all for it 🙂


I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for drafting my resume and cover letter. I am extremely pleased with both of them and without your assistance, I would not have known where to start.


I have reviewed the new cover letter and resume, first and foremost it looks amazing and I'm excited to submit for the position on Friday. It has given me confidence back that I can do this and get this job!! 🙂


You are very talented and you've done a great job with my resume. I feel that your goal was to get it to 1 page and you have succeeded. Just know that if I ever need to add another role, it will become 2 pages. You have certainly outlined what I have done so far in my career.


I just wanted to let you know that I had the final interview with the Alabama Orthopaedic Society yesterday and I am officially the new Executive Director - effective 11/1/2015. Thank you so much for the splendid job you did with my resume. Working with you was great and I am so pleased with the results.


Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate the professionalism and high quality of your work. I also appreciate the short turnaround time on this as well. You transformed and elevated my resume to a whole new level. You are incredible talented!


Holy mother of …, You are a genius! my resume looks fabulous...woohooo !!! thanks 🙂


Arno, This is amazing!! Thank you, thank you again..... I don't see the need for changes, I think I can start using them.


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