How is Technology Changing Careers and Jobs

Technology Changing Careers and Jobs

Keeping Up with How Technology has Changed the Job Search

The digital revolution has impacted more than just how we communicate and collaborate with colleagues, friends, and family. It has also transformed how recruiters find top talent and the ways employers screen job applicants – they now harness the power of technology to make their jobs easier. How does this affect you in your quest to grow your career? It changes EVERYTHING.

1. The bots do the heavy lifting for recruiters and employers and prioritize candidates.

Did you know that your resume may be rejected from the applicant pool without ever being viewed by a human? Employers use Applicant Tracking Systems, also known as ATS, which search resumes for “keywords” that they program into the software to find people with the key skills they want. Knowing how to build a resume that incorporates them and how to “tweak” your document for specific roles is crucial. In addition, certain formatting tricks can interfere with your resume’s ability to be read by the ATS. Here’s an article about why it pays to work with a professional resume writer, who knows exactly how to make your resume sail through ATS with ease.

2. The virtual realm is how you “meet” connections and grow your network.

LinkedIn is more than a social network. It’s a valuable tool you can leverage for everything from building a portfolio of recommendations for viewing by recruiters to cultivating relationships with “insiders” at companies where you want to work. This article by Forbes reported that as early as 2014, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers were using LinkedIn to find candidates. To gain the most traction, you should join and contribute your expertise in “groups,” and don’t forget to add as many sections as are relevant to you in your profile, while sprinkling keywords and achievements throughout the content.

3. Your online presence could be costing you jobs.

With employers now Googling applicants’ names and scanning candidates’ Facebook and Twitter acounts, you’d better be careful about what they can see. As a potential representative of their company, they want to know that customers won’t see controversial or offensive content or reckless conduct if they go to your page. It’s time to review your privacy settings and public posts across your full digital footprint.

With a little knowledge and work, you can bring your job search in line with technology trends. Need help? Book a free career consultation and resume review with iCareerSolutions now.

Whether you like it or not, a good old-fashioned resume, while still essential to your job hunting success, is not enough to gain you that much needed competitive advantage anymore. In today’s information-driven society, your best bet is using technology to give your professional brand an edge that will get you noticed – and hired!

Your Social Media presence

There’s no denying that Social Media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. When it comes to the job search, Social Media provides a great way for prospective employees to explore target companies and connect with insiders. However, this is a double-edged sword. Pulling up candidates’ Social Media profiles is becoming routine for many Hiring Managers. And if you want to land the job, you have to make sure that your online reputation is not only impeccable but also supports your resume.

  • Facebook – The recruiter should not see anything inappropriate or embarrassing on your public profile. That includes rude posts (especially about your current or previous place of work) and obscene photos. Also, be cautious about sharing your religious and political views.
  • Twitter – The same content limitations apply here. Do take advantage of the short bio section to drill down to the details and crystallize your “elevator pitch”. And confidently include links to your portfolio, website, blog, and LinkedIn if applicable.
  • LinkedIn – If you’re still not a member, get an account and make it work for you. Recruiters will check your profile to see if you’re a good cultural fit. So do be an active networker and make sure you have plenty of recommendations and endorsements. They will also search for candidates, so it also makes sense to have a professional LinkedIn Profile Writer keyword-optimize your profile to increase your search rankings.

For the creative types

Those working in the creative field, including design, marketing, and even sales, should consider capitalizing on the following opportunities:

  • QR codes – Use them to lead the prospective employer to your portfolio, a professional blog, or personal website. However, remember to check that the website works properly (including the mobile version) and provide a URL in case HR has trouble scanning your code.
  • Video and visual – Video resumes and infographics are gaining popularity, as they are a great way to attract attention to your persona and to truly stand out among other candidates. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away – no matter how good the production value, your creative resume will not score any points if the message it sends is weak or inappropriate.

Need assistance with updating your LinkedIn Profile? Our Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers will provide you with a free LinkedIn Profile Review and explain how we can help you create a profile that will get you noticed.


Arno Markus Resume Writer

About the author

Arno Markus ​BA, MSc., CPRW

Arno Markus Resume Writer

Arno Markus ​BA, MSc., CPRW
iCareerSolutions CEO and Founder

Arno Markus is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and founder of iCareerSolutions. Arno has helped $50K to $2M salary employees through their entire job search, including creating a resume that got them noticed and landing interviews for the position they wanted. 

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