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Although many job seekers dread the task of writing or updating their resume, most still labor over their documents themselves. Their reluctance to take another route and hire a professional resume service is perfectly understandable. After all, most of us wouldn’t want to pay somebody for something they could do themselves.

However, while many people can create an okay resume, the result rarely does justice to their career, with outdated formats, weak phrasing, and, often, lack of focus being the key culprits. Moreover, if you take some time to consider it, delegating this job to a professional resume writing service might turn out to be cheaper for you than writing a resume yourself.

Why hiring a Professional Resume Writing Service can save you money?

Now, what I’m talking about is not the fact that not everybody is a good writer, or that most people frankly hate working on their resumes. What I’d like you to think about is the time you will spend writing, editing, rewriting, and tweaking if you choose to do it yourself.

Multiply that by the value of one hour of your time. Is the result greater or less than the price of a professionally written resume? And wouldn’t you rather spend all that time taking an online course, recharging after a productive day, hanging out with your family, or working out?

Why not using a Professional Resume Writer might cost you an interview!

Then consider the changes in today’s job search; if your resume is not ATS Keyword Optimized, it may never end up in front of a human and could be automatically rejected! Whether you are applying to an online job posting or have a connection within the company, at one point, that new job opportunity will result in you having to upload your resume.  A professional resume service can help you get your resume in front of a hiring manager!

Every day you are out of work costs you money. A professional resume writer has the tools to help you get an interview. They will work with you one-on-one to help you to present your achievements and accomplishments. Working with a professional resume writer will help you keyword optimize your resume and assist you in demonstrating to your potential employer that you are the best candidate for that coveted position.

Hiring a professional resume writing service can be the best money you spend on your career! It is an investment in your ability to earn top dollar at a job you love. For a free resume consultation, contact iCareerSolutions award-winning resume service use this booking link.

There are Many Reasons It Pays to Work with a Professional Resume Writer

Want to polish up your resume? There’s a lot of information out there about the best way to do it. A professional writer has the skills to take your resume to the next level. Keep reading to find out why it pays to work with a professional resume writer

They write…so you don’t have to.

Arno Markus


Would you rather walk on glass than sit down and write your resume? There are a lot of people who feel that way. The truth is, if you aren’t confident in your own writing skills, writing a resume can be challenging and fruitless. Hiring a professional resume writer is a great investment in your career. As your skills develop, your resume should too. A professional writer can put together a resume that shows your best qualities and accomplishments.

Speak their language

You can take the mystery out of figuring out what the hiring managers want to hear. Professional resume services know what hiring managers are looking for. They know what qualities and qualifications matter most to them. That means that they can help you put together your resume in a way that speaks their language. 

Avoid mistakes

Ever made an embarrassing typo? Most of us have. Studies show that our brains can read misspelled words. That can quickly turn writing your own resume into a stressful situation. A professional resume writer will go over your resume multiple times to correct those mistakes. Don’t let a few typos disqualify you from a job that you’re a great fit for. 

They aren’t afraid to make you look good

Let’s be honest…It’s hard to talk about yourself. We all know that you need to present the best version of ourselves, but we get stuck in our own heads. How much is too much? Professional resume writers have a completely different perspective. They can find a way to show off what makes you awesome and communicate your core values to a potential employer.

You’ll save time

Time is money, right? When you work with a professional resume writer, they’ll help you craft the perfect resume for your dream job. That way, you have more time for the job search and those important interviews. There’s a lot of things you have to handle and keep track of while you’re searching for a job. Resume writers can save you time by taking the task of perfecting your resume off your plate. 

Get your resume out of the “black hole”

Applying to job after job and not hearing anything back can be frustrating. It’s important to remember that most of the time, your resume will create your first impression for you. If something is off about your resume, you probably won’t be scheduling an interview. The good news? A professional resume writer will be able to see where things are going off the rails. Sometimes, all it takes is a few small changes to make your resume shine. 

Wrapping Up

What do you think is the most difficult part of writing a resume? Leave a comment to let us know. If you want to make your resume stand out from the rest, book a free career consultation and resume review with iCareerSolutions now. 

Here are some of our Top Resume Testimonials

Natalya Brook
Arno is a true professional and my resume has never looked better! Arno redesigned my resume, cover letter, and my LinkedIn page and it was a learning experience for me as well. He is on point and on time! I truly enjoyed the steps we took together and I would recommend Arno to everyone who needs a new perspective. Thank you for all your help!
Natalya BrookProject Manager
Frank Petrillo
iCareerSolutions and Aron’s team made the experience painless and productive. They did all the heavy creative lifting. All I had to do was provide the raw information and they made it come alive on paper and screen. The many hits I get on my resume are due in part to their work. Highly recommended!
Frank Petrillo
A man in blue shirt
“Hi Arno, Looks great!”
Ryan CarlinSenior Product Marketing Manager
blank profile picture 1
I am reviewing/editing, but I love the look and feel! 
Diane Alsing
Aileen Morales
I am very very satisfied with the resume and cover letter.
Aileen MoralesFinancial Analyst
blank profile picture
Joanne Feliciano
Nicola Smith Kea
Arno is extremely skilled at what he does. From the very moment I met him, the level of professionalism he brought to the experience spoke volumes. It was easy to work with Arno, and he was responsive to my suggestions and concerns. It is very clear he has a passion for what he does, and that passion strongly supports his art. If you are looking for a professional resume and cover letter, and exce…
Nicola "Dr. Nikki" Smith-KeaExecutive in Residence
scott druker
I was looking to refresh my LinkedIn Profile as well as my resume. I decided to work with Arno after reading some of his LinkedIn postings. I couldn’t have made a better decision. Arno has a great process to pull relevant information from you and pull it all together in a very focused and impactful work product.
Scott DrukerInnovation Executive
blank profile picture 1
Wow, this is excellent.  Please see my very minor updates.  Thank you!!!
Kirk Schamel
men in blue color blazer
Excellent work! I really love what you did with the resume and cover letter. It is visually strong and the achievements really pop out nicely!!
Chuck Brennan

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