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Resume vs. LinkedIn – are they different?

In a word – yes. Although they both represent your professional persona, mentioning your experience, education, and skills, they do it in fundamentally different ways. Think of a resume as an outbound marketing message advertising yourself. As such, it should be targeted to your desired position, concise, to the point, and emphasize your “features and benefits” as an employee.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is akin to inbound marketing. It’s less formal, more flexible, and offers you the freedom to let your personality shine. And while you might want to leave information about your college jobs, volunteer experiences, and interests out of your resume (unless, of course, it’s relevant to the position you’re applying for), you can, and should, list it on your LinkedIn profile.

In short, your resume and LinkedIn profile complement each other. A powerful resume gets you noticed, while an effective LinkedIn profile offers recruiters an opportunity to know you better and ensure you’d be a good fit for their client/company.

So you’ve become a LinkedIn member – now what?

With all the functions and options that the network offers, how do you decide which ones to use? My advice is – take advantage of any and all that apply to your professional profile but do it wisely. “Content is King, readability is Queen” should become your mantra.

1. The header is your slogan.

The default option is much too generic and will not make you stand out in the search results; make your header eye-catching and persuasive. Try to avoid clichés like “team-player” or “goal-oriented”. “Currently unemployed” or “devoted father” are also a bad idea. These sorts of phrases take up valuable space (the header is only 120 characters long) and are hardly the search terms a recruiter will use to find you. Instead, include field-related keywords and concentrate on articulating what you’re good at. That will make HR Managers want to know more about you.

2. Leaving the about section blank is NOT an option.

Don’t waste a precious chance to tell recruiters who you are, what you have achieved, and where you’re headed. Use the about section to demonstrate how you are different from the other professionals in your field. Emphasize what you can do for your employer, show your value-added. Use the SAR method (situation,  action, and results) to tell engaging stories of your accomplishments. Make sure you mention numbers – quantifiable achievements are far more impressive than those not backed by data. Finally, remember to follow the mantra; keep the paragraphs short and use headers and bullets to make your summary easily readable.

  3. Complete your profile.

The more sections you fill out, the higher you’ll rank in the search results. So take the time to write about your job experiences, educational background, certifications, awards, interests, activities, and anything else that applies. Do try to slip in as many keywords as possible, but steer clear of turning your profile into gobbledygook by overdoing it. Keep job descriptions concise and focus on your achievements. And again, figures and numbers help tremendously.

4. Make it easy to contact you.

Even if a potential employer is interested in you, you won’t get anywhere unless they have some way of contacting you. If you’re keeping your job search under the radar, simply invite new LinkedIn connections in the summary section. If you’re openly seeking a new position consider including your e-mail address and phone number. Also, don’t forgo the opportunity to claim your vanity URL to strengthen your professional brand.

It’s all about making connections!

LinkedIn is a social network, so if you’re aiming to make the most of your experience on the site simply filling out a profile won’t cut it. Communicate, grow your network, mingle to get noticed, and strengthen your reputation. Luckily LinkedIn provides numerous options that help to make connections easy even for those who usually despise or shy away from networking. What you can do is:

  • Follow target companies to stay on top of your game and make connections with insiders.
  • Join and be active on professional and alumni groups – ask for advice and share your own expertise by answering questions.
  • Get recommendations and endorsements. Don’t forget to reciprocate though!
  • Publish updates to show you’re keeping abreast of the industry news.

Feel free to connect with me here to see what a LinkedIn profile should look like! For a complimentary review of your LinkedIn Profile please use the following link.

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Kimberly SivananthanQuality Management Consultant
Shon Alexander
Having used a resume writer in the past and I having a horrible experience, I popped my head out to give it another shot. After vetting 15+ resume writers, Arno stuck out the most. Resumes are very personable and Arno has a great extraction process to get to know who you truly are. He is passionate about his work and takes time to explain his thought process to you. On top of his technique, his in…
Shon AlexanderGlobal Technology Program Manager
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 I think the resume is perfect.  Please proceed to the next step.  Thank you!
Evan SandersIT Director
Dumas Garrett
Arno was extremely helpful in working with me on a new resume and Linked In profile. He brings a very thoughtful approach to working with you and will ask the right questions to get you a great finished product. Thanks Arno!
Dumas GarrettChief Executive Officer
Brenda M. M
Arno and his team were more than helpful in tactical strategies and Linkedin profile alignment. My CV and company description has been more clearly defined, a result of which I have garnered more interest and inquiries. I am extremely thankful for his acumen in job positioning and would highly recommend his expertise in my industry. Arno and his team were more than helpful in tactical strategies a…
Brenda M. MBusiness Development Executive
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Hello Arno, many thanks for the draft cv and cover letter. I am pleased with the way you have set it out and reworded my skills and achievement. This is a significant improvement on my original cv.
Yannis Sinis
Great work and Service!
Yannis SinisRegional Director
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Greatest Image and Brand Transformation My sincere gratitude Arno for all your time, patience and refined skills in word smithing my resume, and guidance during these past few months. You and your firm’s expertise has been a game-changer. The results have transformed and elevated my brand that is uniquely me and the value I will bring to the right organization of my choice. I have only just beg…
Garnet Wronko
I engaged Arno to assist me in a resume rewrite, and LinkedIn Profile branding. He spent significant time asking a lot about me, and understanding my skillset. He is very thorough in his questions, very clear with explaining next steps in the process, and makes clear expectations both for himself and the client. His prior experience in recruiting shows, as he crafted an excellent “recruiter lan…
Garnet WronkoDirector of Finance
Matt Fleming
I had the pleasure of working with Arno to solidify my LinkedIn profile so it appeared more professional. I found Arno’s tactics to be focused, candid, and extremely explanatory so that it was easily understood why he was suggesting the changes he was suggesting. I strongly recommend Arno.
Matt FlemingDirector of Operations

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Upload your resume for a complimentary review from an Award-Winning Resume Writer
(Board, C-Level, VP, Director & Mid-Career Professionals)

“Arno was extremely helpful in working with me on a new resume and Linked In profile. He brings a very thoughtful approach to working with you and will ask the right questions to get you a great finished product. Thanks Arno!.”

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