Mechanical Engineer Resume

Mechanical Engineer Resume

Taking Mechanical Engineer Resumes Higher

Take a glance at our amazing Mechanical Engineer Resume example and see how we can assist you in writing a stronger resume so you can secure your dream job.

What are the Essential Elements of a Great Mechanical Engineering Resume?

 Mechanical Engineer Resume should include effective technical skills, the ability to work under pressure, problem-solving skills, creativity, interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills, commercial awareness, and teamwork abilities. Mechanical engineers identify mechanical problems and work to build new tools and machines to solve those problems.

A great mechanical engineering resume is made up of several parts that highlight your skills and experience. But it is important for them to also have these elements to be effective. First, your resume needs to be branded for the position you are applying to. Next, a great mechanical engineering resume must be achievement-based and keyword-optimized. And finally, it should be formated for readability and allow a recruiter or hiring manager to quickly decide to read more. Let us help you to build a resume that highlights your best abilities and will help you to make a perfect impression on the one reading it.

Mechanical Engineer Resume Example

This Lead Mechanical Engineer Resume Example was written for a mechanical engineer in the power conversion industry. This Mechanical Engineer resume sample demonstrates metrics-driven accomplishments in product line enhancements and leadership.

This candidate is clearly branded as a Mechanical Engineer at the top of his resume. This allows the recruiter or hiring manager to quickly determine that this candidate is applying for his Mechanical Engineering Job. If the company uses another title to describe their job opening, then this branding title should be changed to match the job posting. For example, the hiring manager could describe the job as a mechanical maintenance engineer or perhaps a mechanical service engineer, and the branding title should be adjusted accordingly.

This mechanical engineering resume sample is a great achievement-based resume that highlights the candidate’s accomplishment as opposed to his duties and responsibilities. Remember, the next person that does your previous job will have the exact same duties. What a recruiter wants to know is what was the results of your efforts. By creating achievement bullet points in this mechanical engineer resume example, we can clearly demonstrate what a great candidate he is for this mechanical engineer position. We have also bolded the results of his achievements in bullet points for easy readability.

We have also added some color and graphics in this mechanical engineering resume sample to help our candidate stand out. We have demonstrated his ability to increase production capacity by decreasing the design time by 230 hours! Your experience section should include accomplishments that are relevant to the position you are applying for, not just a list of everything you have done.

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Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample 1
Best Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample
Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample 2
The Best Mechanical Engineering Resume

What skills should a mechanical engineer have?

Here are some examples of keywords that you would include in your mechanical engineering resume. Remember to check the job posting to make sure that not only are the skills and keywords relevant to you but also to the requirements of the job description. It is important to match their wording. So if they require Office Suite and you have MS Word as a keyword on your resume, change it to match. This is to ensure that you make it past the ATS systems and into the hands of a real human being! You want to use keywords that accurately reflect your experience. All of our mechanical engineering resume samples are ATS compatible and keyword optimized.

Mechanical Engineering Resume Skills and Keywords

  •  Commercial Assembly
  • Castings
  • Engines
  • Factories
  • Fabrication Processes
  • Injection Molding
  • Machinery
  • Machine Processes
  • Mechanical Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Products
  • Module Assemblies
  • Plan Workforce Use
  • Plastic Processing
  • Production Equipment
  • Prototypes  
  • Product Design
  • Products
  • Robotics
  • Sheet Metal Steel Fabrication
  • Structures
  • Tooling
  • Test Processes
  • Thermoforming

Also include hard-skills as part of your Mechanical Engineering Resume keywords.

Also, remember to include all of your hard skills, specifically all of the technical skills you have been trained to do, such as computer-aided design and draft.

  • 3D CAD   
  • Advance Design 
  • AllyCAD 
  • ArchiCAD
  • Archimedes
  • Architecture & 3D Viz 
  • ASAP
  • AutoSnap
  • BricsCAD   
  • BIM  
  • Caddle
  • CADD
  • Chief Architect
  • Cobalt
  • CoCreate 
  • DataCAD
  • DraftSight
  • Drawing Express 
  • F35
  • GCAD3D 
  • GPS
  • IntelliCAD
  • LDD
  • MicroStation 
  • MX
  • NAND imager
  • QCad
  • R15
  • Revit          

General Engineering Resume Skills to also include on your Mechanical Engineering Resume

  • Alternative Design Solutions                          
  • Analytical Costing Studies                             
  • Bid Analysis Preparation
  • Bills of Quantities & Materials                        
  • Budget Development                                    
  • Change Impact Estimations
  • Calculations & Reviews                                 
  • Change Management                                   
  • Change Management Processes                  
  • Closeout Administration                                
  • Codes & Requirements                                
  • Commercial Returns Analysis                        
  • Concept Development                                  
  • Corrective Actions                                         
  • Cost Control Estimates
  • Cost Estimate System Development             
  • Cost Estimates                                              
  • Cost Forecasting                                           
  • Cost Management Processes                       
  • Cost Reporting
  • Cost-to-Complete Reports
  • Engineering Principles & Practices
  • Engineering Reports
  • Expenditure Control                                      
  • Field Management                                        
  • Feasibility Studies                                         
  • Financing Arrangements                              
  • Functional Cost Analysis                               
  • Green Technologies / LEED                          
  • Inspections & Compliance                             
  • Invoice Validation                                          
  • Market Analysis                                             
  • Material Costs
  • Materials Acquisition                                     
  • Mediation & Arbitration Costs                                     
  • Procurement Management
  • Procurement Services                                  
  • Product Development
  • Profit Improvement Activities                         
  • Profitability Analysis                                      
  • Project Budget Establishment
  • Project Change Management System           
  • Project Budget Requirements                       
  • Project Cost Estimations
  • Project Controls System Establishment
  • Product Development       
  • Project Earned Value Analyses 
  • Project Economic Viability                             
  • Project Execution Cost Management            
  • Project Management Costs                           
  • Project Outcome Predictions                         
  • Project Planning & Management                                
  • Project Viability Determination                      
  • Property Condition Reports                          
  • Quality Assurance                                         
  • Quality Control                                              
  • Quality Control Standards                             
  • Reimbursable Cost Determination                
  • Requests for Proposals (RFPs)                    
  • Reserve Fund Studies                                  
  • Resource Allocation                                      
  • Revenue Forecasts
  • Review tooling specifications
  • Risk Analysis                                                 
  • Safety & Performance Audits                        
  • Schematics
  • Strategic Planning                                         
  • Subcontractor Relations                               
  • Tentative Budget Establishment                    
  • Workflow Prioritization Design Review                 
  • Value Engineering  

Also, remember to include any other achievements such as certifications and awards. Remember, it is a tough job market, and you need to clearly demonstrate that your expertise makes you the best candidate for the job. Do not forget to add soft skills that may also be mentioned in the job posting and therefore important keywords for the hiring managers. You want to include your ability to work with the team or remain calm under pressure. Look at the job description for your clues as to what keywords are important.

How do I write a resume for a mechanical engineer?

Are you still struggling to write your own mechanical engineering resume? You are not alone. It is difficult for any candidate to be objective when marketing themselvesJob seekers looking for the best mechanical engineering dream jobs need a professional engineering resume to stand out from the crowd. Let us help you land more interviews by helping you create the best mechanical engineering resume for you. Here is an award-winning engineering resume, or check out all our website for all our resume samples. Do you need assistance with your mechanical engineering resume? Use the link below to speak directly with Arno Markus, our CEO and 15x Award-Winning Resume Writer, to discuss how we can help!

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