How to upload a resume on LinkedIn

How to add your resume to LinkedIn

Having an up-to-date and comprehensive resume is a key part of your job search. And since more employers are turning to LinkedIn for their hiring needs, it’s important to be able to upload your resume onto the platform. Fortunately, there are four main methods that you can use to get it done quickly and easily. Whether you’re applying for a new position or just want to keep your profile current, these steps will help ensure that you have all the necessary information available when potential employers come calling. As well as networking with your industry you may also upload your resume for recruiting purposes.

LinkedIn is a helpful tool that can help you promote your brand to employers in an instant. Also, it helps if you are trying directly to apply and there are thousands of job advertisements on the web. If you want to use these capabilities, you need to add a resume to your LinkedIn profile. Here are the necessary actions to upload a resume on LinkedIn.

Choose a method of uploading your resume to LinkedIn

You can use four main methods to upload your resume to LinkedIn.

      • Directly to your LinkedIn profile

      • During your job application

      • Post it on your LinkedIn feed

      • Directly to your LinkedIn account

    Upload your resume directly to your LinkedIn profile

    How do I attach a resume to LinkedIn?

    The most direct way to add a resume on LinkedIn is through the “Media” upload option present in the ‘Edit Profile’ section of your account. You can use it to showcase your work, such as articles you’ve written and presentations you’ve given. You’ll also find that it allows you to provide external links to portfolios, resumes, and other content. This method is perfect if you’d like to make sure that your resume is always in plain sight, especially for potential employers.

    Uploading your resume to this section is simple:

        1. Go to your LinkedIn profile page. 

        1. Next, click “Add section.” 

        1. Expand the section labeled “Featured.” 

        1. Click on “Media.” 

        1. Search your files for the resume you want to feature and upload it from your computer or device.

      If you decide to go with this approach, be certain to eliminate any form of contact information from your resume as it will be posted publicly. No need to worry about being accessible; if someone reads your resume and believes that you’re the right fit for a job, they can shoot you a message via LinkedIn!


      If you update your LinkedIn Profile, you will need to ensure your resume is also up to date and matches your profile. Profiles and resumes that don’t match are red flags to recruiters.

      Apply simply with Easy Apply 

      With millions of job postings available on the LinkedIn platform, you’ll be sure to find a position that interests you. To make your application process easier and more efficient, take advantage of the Easy Apply option when it is offered. But if only an “Apply” button is present, don’t feel discouraged! You will simply need to visit an external website in order to fill out a direct application with the company itself. Regardless of which method you’re using for applying, here’s how adding your resume works on any job posting featured on LinkedIn:

      1. Pull up the job listing for which you’d like to apply. 

      2. If Easy Apply is an option that the job poster has allowed, you’ll click the blue button that says “Easy Apply.”  

      3. A window will pop up that asks for some information. Make sure you’ve filled this out correctly, then click “Next.” 

      4. Use the “Upload Resume” button to find your resume file from your computer or device, upload it, and click next. 

      5. There will be a few additional prompt slides asking you for more information. 

      6. The last prompt gives you a chance to review your application. Make sure all information is correct, then click “Submit Application.”

      Create a post for your resume

      Another option for uploading a resume to LinkedIn is by posting it on the main feed. This option is best if you’re looking to spread your resume far and wide across all professions, as it allows anyone who’s following you (and those who might stumble upon it) to see what you have to offer. It’s also a great way to approach potential employers who may not have seen your profile yet or those who are specifically looking for new candidates. Having your resume available is a good idea for employers and recruiters who come across your profile. A more proactive way to get it in front of more eyes is to make your resume a LinkedIn post that will appear in your connections’ home page feeds. All you have to do is:

          1. Click the “Start a Post” button at the top of your LinkedIn feed.

          1. Click the icon that looks like a note.

          1. Click “Choose File” and upload your resume. 

          1. Once those steps are complete, click “Done” at the bottom right of the window.

        By using this approach, potential employers can easily download your resume (without any contact information you don’t wish to make public). To boost the chances of recruiters or other professionals reaching out to find out more about you, try adding a few concise lines about what it is that drives and motivates you in terms of career goals. If they find your post captivating then there’s an increased likelihood for them to get in touch with you!


        This method advertises to your network that you are looking for work. Therefore, make sure to be aware of the potential implications this could have on your current job. Additionally, you want to make sure that the content and format of your resume are suitable for a public posting.

        Depending on your professional goals, this technique may not be suitable as it has the potential to make you look desperate. Be mindful of this before taking the plunge and posting your resume to your LinkedIn feed. Additionally, make sure that you are using a professional resume template, as having an outdated or unprofessional-looking resume can be offputting for employers.

        Add a resume to your LinkedIn account

        LinkedIn stores your four most recent resumes, which makes it easy for you to pull them up and reuse them for future job applications.

        Resumes uploaded this way are not visible to the public.

        1. In your LinkedIn navigation bar, click “Me.”

        LinkedIn Profile

        2. In the dropdown menu, select “Settings & Privacy.”

        3. Click “Data privacy” on the left sidebar and select “Job application settings.”

        Job application settings

        4. Click “Upload Resume” under “Manage your resumes” and select your file from your computer or device. Switch on the “Save and manage your resumes and answers” button.

        Key Takeaways

        Inevitably, uploading your resume to LinkedIn is an effective way of ensuring that recruiters have access to your credentials and professional background. There are four primary methods of doing this: during the job application process, directly to your account, as a post on your profile, or through an external website. All will provide potential employers with the same essential information. i.e., your work history and education, as well as any awards or certifications. It’s important to be mindful of how you advertise yourself on LinkedIn since it can have an impact on potential employers’ views of you. Make sure that the resume template is professional and up-to-date in order to make a good impression.

        In conclusion, there are many ways to get your resume into the hands of potential employers on LinkedIn. Whether you choose to upload it directly to your profile, post it in a feed post, or apply for an open position using the Easy Apply option, make sure that your resume file is up-to-date, matches your LinkedIn profile, and highlights your best qualifications. With the right approach, you can show potential employers that you are the perfect candidate for their job opening! Good luck with your job search!


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        Arno Markus Resume Writer

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