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It is important to vary the verbs in your Executive Resume

As an Award-Winning Executive Resume Writer, I would like to share some of my experience to help you with your Executive Resume. So here are some of the most overused verbs along with great alternatives that you should take advantage of:


coordinated — gives the impression that you’ve successfully juggled a number of tasks

oversaw/supervised — both imply that you have been directing both processes and people


developed — perfect for technical tasks, also shows that you’ve been behind the process from start to finish

designed — gives you a creative edge

conceived — if you want to convey that it was you who came up with an idea – compiled — you’ve gathered, sorted, and assembled large amounts of information to complete the project in question


guided — leads readers to believe that you’ve probably provided much-needed advice to your team

motivated — looks like you know how to get along with people and how to get them excited about work

empowered — you’re not a micromanager, and it shows in terms of your team’s performance


mentored/coached — demonstrates your commitment to sharing knowledge and instilling corporate values in your colleagues

supported — shows you’ve been around to help your colleagues/subordinates to deal with problems while they were still learning “in the field”


interfaced/interacted – you’ve probably had tens, if not hundreds of people to deal with

negotiated – perfect if you want to convey that you can strike a deal

liaised – for situations where you are the go-to person for information and act as a link between stakeholders

How and when to use varied verbs in your Executive Resume

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to use “managed” or “led” once in a while. But by incorporating synonyms into your executive resume you’ll create a stronger profile that will convey your competencies with more clarity and conviction. One final piece of advice: in an attempt to add some pizzazz to your job seeker profile, remember that each word on your resume should be there for a reason. So choose wisely. Here are some resume examples of our award-winning executive resumes as well as information on our Executive Resume Writing Services.

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