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Are there any jobs available?

You may have considered career changes. In any scenario, job hunting could become a full-time job.

This requires time and a great deal of patience and planning — and more importantly, a deep knowledge of employment markets. It doesn’t have to be your own work to accomplish it.

There are job seekers in the business who can handle all the details of your search. This is known as the reverse recruiter. Unlike traditional job searching firms, which use traditional recruiters in filling jobs, reverse recruiting services are primarily aimed toward job applicants to get the job offer.


Finding a reverse recruiter near me is easy in today’s global environment.

Are you tired of applying to jobs online and never hearing back? Are you frustrated with the lack of personal connection in the hiring process? Look no further than iCareerSolutions, where we work for you, the candidate, to find your new job.

Just like you consider your well-being and plan for retirement with wealth management, health services, or fitness training – why not put the same effort into investing in your career? After all, it is one of the most valuable assets you have prior to retiring!

Average Reverse Recruiting Services Cost

At iCareerSolutions, our goal is to find a job that you actually want. Our team of skilled and certified recruiters provides the personal service you need to unlock your dream job opportunity. Whether you are looking for a new career change, or just seeking out better options in your current position – reverse recruiting is an affordable solution as the average cost of services is typically lower than investing your own time. Plus, you get the added benefit of personal attention and dedicated job search advice from a recruitment professional.

Finding the right reverse recruiter near me can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be! With iCareerSolutions, you know that you are in good hands.

Reverse Recruitment. Pricing: $3,495 per 4-week period.

We frequently encounter prospects, usually younger and less experienced executives, who opt to take the independent route – “I’m going to try it on my own first.” While certainly some of these ventures prove successful, investing in one’s career is essential for achieving long-term success.

Executives often feel like they are on their own.

Today, it can be difficult to find the most desirable executive jobs unless you actively pursue them – and even then, it may be a hit-or-miss effort. To maximize your chances of success, consider working with an experienced professional such as iCareerSolutions; we have assisted countless clients in uncovering thousands of unpublished job opportunities available within the marketplace.

What Do Reverse Recruiters at iCareerSolutions do?

While a dictionary may define a recruiter as someone who enlists or enrolls people as employees, in the armed forces, or as members of an organization, we at iCareerSolutions take a different approach. We don’t work for an employer at all – we work solely for the candidate seeking employment. We believe that this approach is a significant advantage for our clients because we aren’t limited to one employer or even one marketplace.


Reverse Recruiters’ job responsibilities include assisting applicants at all stages of recruiting the job candidates. A reverse recruitment agency searches companies for employment for people who seek jobs. They will meet with job seekers who are seeking jobs for a variety of purposes. Reverse Recruiters can also conduct studies of businesses/industries, help employers find networking connections, and offer referrals to other resources or services.

We offer an executive career finder service. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping executive job seekers navigate the entire job search and land their next opportunity. Our principal marketplaces include the executive recruiter market, where around 10% of our clients land, the published job market (job listings), where 15% find opportunities, and the unpublished market, where 75% of our job seekers find their next executive challenge. By not limiting ourselves to traditional recruiting methods, we can offer our clients access to the entire job market.

Despite the ever-changing financial landscape and industry trends, as well as a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, our clients can rest assured that they have a reliable partner in us. iCareerSolutions is committed to helping executive-level candidates identify and secure their ideal job opportunities.

We offer a free consultation to get you started on your journey. Our team of executive search consultants will work with you to define your unique career goals and objectives, as well as identify potential employers that meet those criteria. We’ll then design a personalized career strategy to help you attain your desired level of success.

Your career is an investment and deserves just as much attention and dedication as any other financial decision you make. With our expert guidance, executive job seekers can expect to land the job they really want in the shortest period of time possible.

Have you experienced the frustration of applying to job after job and never receiving a response from hiring managers? We hear stories like this every day from candidates who have been ignored or received automated responses. At iCareerSolutions, we teach our clients how to navigate applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other tools that screen candidates, so they can successfully reach decision-makers and get hired.

We take a holistic approach to career management and your job search, beginning with the end in mind. The first step in our Reverse Recruitment Method is Targeting, where we hone your brand during a career coaching session. During this process, we help clients pin down their next aspirations. For us, where you’ve been professionally is far less important than where you’re going. After completely refining each resume to ensure maximum impact and utmost transferability, we then provide a customized resume for individual job openings.

Once we’ve identified your objectives, we equip you with a four-member team to help you find your new job. We’ve helped countless clients transition between industries, roles, and even geographies. We identify and network with key decision makers. Our process typically takes 3-6 months, and if you follow our proven system, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your career goals.

At iCareerSolutions, we work from the market backward, starting with your goals and aspirations and then connecting you with relevant professionals based on your industry, geography, and other factors. If you’re ready to take control of your career and find your dream job, contact us today.

Interview prep and career coaching are included in our services as well. We understand that the skills required for executive roles can vary depending on industry, company size, and other variables. That’s why we leverage our network of experienced professionals to provide interview coaching and practice sessions tailored to your specific role. This enables clients to make an impression on hiring managers and secure their dream job.


For two decades, we have accumulated the methods and frameworks for persuasively advocating a salary raise. We counsel clients on how and when to best leverage these tactics, as well as provide support during their negotiations. As a result of our expertise in this arena, we are able to add an additional five figures – sometimes even six! – to any offer.

At iCareerSolutions, we provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to confidently pursue your dream career. With our tailored job search strategy, resume optimization, and interview coaching services, you will be well-equipped to make a strong impression on hiring managers and secure your ideal role in no time. Plus, with our help, you may even be able to increase your salary by tens of thousands of dollars. Take control of your career today – contact us to get started!

Here are some of our Top Resume Testimonials

Chez Cristiano
When using Arno’s service to bring my resume and LinkedIn pages up to date, he gave me the confidence needed. Received many compliments and great feedback from peers on the finished resume. The process was diligent and effective. Will continue to use Arno to stay up to date and refer colleagues.
Chez CristianoPresident
blank profile picture
What is a resume used for – Arno taught me that my resume is not just a list of positions I have held. It helps me in finding the position I am looking for and is a document that assist potential employers see who I am.
Brady Zagami
blank profile picture 1
I worked with Arno and his company a few years ago and the results speak for themselves. The updated resume was very impressive and useful in landing a new gig.
Deven Shah
Manuel Garcia 1
This service is great! I found three jobs because of the resume that they wrote for me. Amazing
Manuel GarciaMarketing Director
blank profile picture 1
From the initial contact though the final resume Arno was exceptional. He is all business, and truly wants to promote your job and career. After receiving my final resume, it was sent out to recruiters and HR alike, the response was tremendous. When HR is commenting on your resume and responds with “after seeing your resume I think I need to revise mine”, you know it was done right. Arno also help…
Travis PerdueLandscape Sales Specialist
Michelle Brazil
I had the pleasure of working with Arno recently. I was impressed at how professional and knowledgeable he was at guiding me and defining the best way to showcase my talent and expertise. I will definitely recommend his services to my peers and colleagues.
Michelle BrazilDirector of Operations
Nicholas Casely Parker
As a busy Sales Director I was pleased to work with Arno who has assisted me piece together my last 15 years as a professional ahead of relocating back to Europe from New Zealand later this year. If you are looking to engage with anyone to help tailor your career I highly recommend working with Arno!
Nicholas Casely ParkerSales Director
Luke Onorato
My career goal was to land a finance position in New York city. I spent over a year applying to numerous job postings and reaching out to companies to attempt to tell my story. I had Arno work on rebuilding my resume and cover letter. After receiving my new resume, I applied to four new job posting, interviewed with all four companies, and landed an offer. Arno helped explain my story on paper and…
Luke Onorato
blank profile picture
They helped me improve my personal Brand, they provided constructive feedback on my resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter. Now, recruiters are scheduling more interviews with me.
Jeff Hanrahan
Arno helped guide me through the resume writing process to develop a clean, crisp and concise resume. I would highly recommend his services..
Jeff HanrahanProject Controls Manager

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