How to Respond to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

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If You're Interested In The Job Opportunity​

I would look quickly at the job description or go to the recruiter’s website and figure out which job title they had in mind by contacting me, or the types of roles they generally recruit for.

To respond to recruiters, in the subject line, I would reference the job position. You’d be amazed at how many people spell names wrong in their job search so make sure to double-check!

I would express appreciation for reaching out with the opportunity and I would include a little blurb addressing my qualifications in reference to the job description. Take the time to set yourself apart from other job seekers. This will get you an initial interview with hiring managers.

If I was given an email address, I would respond both with an email and on LinkedIn. Job opportunities are out there if you take the time to cover all bases. Job searching is a long-term strategy.

I would end the message by taking the conversation offline as quickly as possible for a meeting and providing a telephone number beneath my name. This could lead to a new promising career partnership.

Check and recheck your LinkedIn messages, and as a side note, I would send a follow-up email in a few days. How you respond to recruiters is incredibly important. Try this example:

“I’ve really enjoyed chatting to people in XYZ’s company and I like the way it looks. I want to apply formally for this company’s open position.”

Using these phrases will land you your dream job. The job market is open, but the ways to get jobs have changed. How you respond to recruiters is more important than ever before.

If You're Interested In The Company, But Not The Role​

Hello [Name]. Thank you very much for asking for my role! I’m actively searching for new possibilities but ideally, I’d like a job that could enable me to work remotely, expand my marketing experience, and become a volunteer. I think that this position does not fit me exactly. Do you know of other jobs that would suit me better?

You may reach me through [your e-mail and phone number]

If You're On The Fence​

Hello [Recruitor name], Thanks for the e-mail. I am happy with my current role at the [business name] and I’m happy to discuss it with you. I will never hesitate in chatting about this role and company. [inserting compelling aspects in jobs/businesses]. Can we talk on the phone on another day?

The best way to approach a recruiter on LinkedIn is to be upfront and honest about what you’re looking for. Tailor your response to the specific job opening and make sure to showcase your qualifications. Be professional and courteous, and always take the conversation offline as soon as possible.

The best way to find a new job is to network with people in your industry. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and express your interest in the role. If you’re not interested in the role, be sure to let them know and see if they know of any other positions that may be a better fit for you.

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