What are the 4 Best IT resume samples?

4 Best IT resume samples

iCareerSolutions is a 20x Award-Winning IT Resume Writing Service. Here are 4 of our award-winning IT Resume Samples. Each of these IT Resume Writing Samples was honored with an award from one of the top resume writing associations.

2020 CPC Best IT Resume, Vice President (VP) of IT Resume Sample

Hugo Aberrone specializes in data analytics, so the strategy for his Vice President of IT resume was to highlight the ways in which he brings the elements of business intelligence together to enhance decision-making capabilities for leadership. His branding statement, “Formulating the Elements for Business Intelligence Success,” explains to the reader what he does. The key elements – data strategy, data science, and robust reporting – are called out in the circles at the top right of the page.

A metallic theme was selected to complement the “elements” concept of this VP of IT resume. An additional branding statement, “Expanding global enterprise analytics capabilities. Intersecting business, technology, and innovation to produce advanced data ecosystems,” expands on the elements theme, demonstrating his global reach and overall skills. Below the statement in black is a paragraph to how he ties in those skills to support executives. This is followed by three bullet points that showcase some examples of key initiatives, as well as his position as a thought leader in data analytics and the size of teams he has led around the world.

Hugo’s experience contains the responsibilities for each position, followed by bulleted achievements. Illustrations of successes that were made possible through his analytics solutions are highlighted in circles on the right on both pages of this Vice President of IT resume. A quote from a colleague at the top of page two speaks to Hugo’s leadership and strategic planning talents. An additional circle beside the education section lists Hugo’s certifications, all related to data analytics. It received the award for the Best Technology Resume in 2020.

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VP of IT Resume Sample

IT Resume
Best IT Resume 2020

2019 TORI Winner Best Information Technology Resume, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Resume Sample

This Chief Technology Officer Resume was written for a top executive seeking a role in a start-up or large company in growth mode. This CTO resume sample demonstrates this leader’s global, metrics-driven accomplishments for industry-leading information technology companies. This Chief Technology Officer Resume sample was awarded the prestigious global TORI award in the Hi-Tech Category by Career Directors International.

Here is more information on our award-winning C-Level Resume Services.

Chief Technology Officer Resume Samples

Chief Technology Officer Resume Sample 1

2019 ROAR Winner Best Engineering Resume, Director of Engineering Resume Sample

This is an example of an Award-Winning Director of Engineering Resume. To brand Joshua as an expert in facilities engineering and project portfolio management, I included several branding areas. The headline under his name lists his key areas of expertise, indicating a global reach. Below his contact information, a line highlights his award from the U.S. Department of Energy, showcasing his skills in energy efficiency. 

Joshua’s certifications are included next to lend immediate credibility to his expertise. The image emphasizes three key areas where Joshua excels – quality, sustainability, and innovation. Throughout the remainder of the Director of Engineering Resume, these themes are backed up by achievements, including a testimonial from his supervisor and graphs to break up the text a bit.

This is an excellent example of an achievement-based engineering resume that is also ATS-keyword optimized. The addition of color further emphasizes Joshua’s expertise. It is important that this Director of Engineering Resume allows the reader to quickly scan the resume to determine they would like to know more information about his successes. It is about grabbing the recruiter or hiring manager’s attention and leading their eye with bolded achievement bullets.

Here are some other engineering resume samples and a link to our Engineering Resume Writing Service. If you would like more information on Director Level Resumes, here is a link to our Director of Engineering Resume Writing Service.

Director of Engineering Resume Sample

Director of Engineering Resume Sample 1
Best Engineering Resume

2018 CPC Honorable Mention for Best IT Resume, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Resume Sample

This Chief Technology Officer resume example was written for a top information technology executive. This CTO resume sample demonstrates metrics-driven accomplishments in transforming business and adding value through technology. It received an Honorable Mention for the Best Technology Resume in 2018.

In today’s job market Recruiters and HR professionals receive hundreds of resumes, and a professional resume writing service can help you rise to the top of the pile. All our resumes are ATS compatible and will help you be seen! For more information on our Certified Professional Resume Writers and our Chief Technology Officer Resume Writing Services.

Chief Technology Officer Resume Sample

CTO Resume Sample 1

What do these IT resume examples have in common?

All of these award-winning IT resume samples have some common elements that a hiring manager would want to see. First, they are all branded. Each candidate has clearly stated the position they are applying for at the top of their IT resume. A branding title is aspirational. It is the position you are submitting your IT resume for, which is not necessarily your last position.

ATS Keyword Optimized with the Relevant Skills

Each of the IT resume examples is keyword-optimized in order to make it past the dreaded Applicant Tracking Systems to ensure they make it in front of human eyes. Failure to keyword optimize for ATS could result in your IT resume being rejected before the recruiter or hiring managers even have a chance to see it. These should include relevant skills. This would include hard skills – technical skills such as computer skills and software training, but also soft skills such as communication skills and interpersonal skills. These keywords are also found in the job requirements.

Achievement-Based Content

The most important feature of these IT resume samples is that they are all achievement-based, not duties and responsibilities. Recruiters want to know your successes, not a list of what anyone in your position would do. Remember the next person to do your job will have these exact duties and responsibilities, but by demonstrating your accomplishments you set yourself apart from the crowd.

Easy Format for the Hiring Manager to Read

And finally, the resume format must be easy to read. The summary statement should relate directly to the job posting highlighting the accomplishments that match job requirements. We no longer use objective statements. A great resume should be in reverse chronological order with your most recent accomplishments at the top. The right format has achievement bullet points with bolded results.

Other IT Resume Writing Service and Resume Format Tips

It is ok to include your educational history but do not include the dates if they could result in ageism. Include your skills like operating systems and computer systems but also review the job description and job title to make sure you are customizing for each job posting. All of our Professionally written IT Resumes will make it past an applicant tracking system. You also want to list your transferable skills.


The IT Resume format should be reverse chronological format and should list all skills relevant to the job description. We do not recommend a functional resume format. In our experience, a functional format will not result in as many interviews as a targeted IT resume will. Inexperienced job seekers often try to stuff their resumes full of duties and responsibilities. The best resume samples should have achievement bullet points that match the job application.

A great IT resume will also get job applicants more interviews! If you are looking for a great Information Technology Resume, book an appointment today to speak with Arno Markus, our CEO, and Founder, directly to discuss how we can help you land your dream job! Click on his calendar link to book a free resume consultation.



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Arno Markus Resume Writer

Arno Markus ​BA, MSc., CPRW
iCareerSolutions CEO and Founder

Arno Markus is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and founder of iCareerSolutions. Arno has helped $50K to $2M salary employees through their entire job search, including creating a resume that got them noticed and landing interviews for the position they wanted. 

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