Write a High Tech Resume

Top Tips to Write a High Tech Resume

In this slideshow I am going to share 4 high tech resume tips that are guaranteed to get you some interviews. I’ve worked as a recruitment specialist for one of the top 10 IT companies in the world. Having worked for over 20 years with resumes, interviewing candidates, hiring people myself, it’s safe to say that I’ve seen just about everything when it comes to resumes – but more importantly how they can make or break your chances at getting an interview. So today we’re going to look at some of the top tips for writing a high tech resume.

Highlight your technical skills

Technical expertise is essential, and this is the key to a successful resume. So in a bid to get by ATS filters it makes sense if you can list the required skills. Generally speaking, include only skills that you feel comfortable describing during interviews when asked questions.

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In a nutshell

Think about the role you want. Work out what the role requires and how you meet those requirements. Aim to create an executive brand and make it visible always. Schedule a complimentary career strategy call with me now!

I can help you with key details about how to deal with HR staff, Hiring Managers, and get a better understanding of the roles of Recruiters and Headhunters.

I also provide insight into the executive placement process and assistance in preparing for a job transition.

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