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 How to Write Cybersecurity Resumes

While I don’t hold any computer-related certifications or degrees myself, I do speak with C-level executives in cybersecurity and recruiters on a regular basis and frequently ask them for their impressions of today’s cybersecurity job candidates.

Many candidates, according to C-suite executives, simply lack hands-on expertise with the more practical concerns of running, maintaining, and defending their businesses’ information systems.

A recent survey to suss out which skills companies find most useful in job candidates, and which are most frequently lacking showed some interesting trends.

The survey asked respondents to rank various skills from “critical” to “not needed.”

Fully 85 percent ranked networking as a critical or “very important” skill, followed by a mastery of the Linux operating system (77 percent), Windows (73 percent), common exploitation techniques (73 percent), computer architectures and virtualization (67 percent) and data and cryptography (58 percent).

Perhaps surprisingly, only 39 percent ranked programming as a critical or very important skill.

What’s the Best Format for a Cyber Security Resume?

Here’s how to organize a cyber security analyst resume:

  • Start at the top with a compelling IT security Branding Title and summary statement.
  • Highlight achievements in your past experience, including relevant cyber security duties.
  • Write an education section with relevant IT and cyber security coursework.
  • Add your cyber cryptography and criminology skills.
  • Any cyber qualifications, clearances, or other components that may distinguish you from your competition.

Cyber Security Resume Samples: Resume Summary

Pro Tip: On any cybersecurity specialist resume, the Branding Title and Career Summary goes at the top. However, it doesn’t mean you have to write it first! Save it for the end so you have the rest of your resume to help inform the writing of your heading statement.

Working as an information security analyst for the last three years, I’ve implemented firewalls, managed access control, quarantined infected machines, and reported security breaches.

Compare this example to the one below:

Strategic and performance-driven professional steering organizational effectiveness by creating security awareness, establishing and launching security requirements, mitigating potential risk, and ensuring outstanding customer service. Design robust processes and streamline operations. Collaborate cross-functionally to achieve daily business objectives.

In the wrong example, you give examples of some duties, but they have no idea how well you fulfilled them. It’s not describing your duties that will distinguish you from other candidates, it’s your results and achievements in fulfilling these day-to-day tasks.

-The right example gives a winning accomplishment with numbers to back it up—

The duties-based description is as weak as a 4-digit password, while the second achievement-based summary is as secure as quantum encryption.

Include your name, position, contact info, branding title at the top of your summary section. Here is an example of how to do it effectively:

cuber security resume summary
Note: The above image example not only uses a job title, it includes a Branding Statement: “Driving company-wide security by protecting, people, property, and data.”

Your branding statement should sum up your value proposition, encapsulate your reputation, showcase what sets you apart from others, and describe the added value you bring to a situation.

No experience?

No problem!

Use a resume summary objective when you don’t have paid cyber security experience.

The summary objective uses relevant experience, skills, and achievements to beef it up.

Here is cyber security analyst resume sample objectives for entry level cyber security resume:

Entry-Level Cyber Security Resume Samples: Resume Objective

I’m a recent college graduate, and my background with cyber security is limited. However, I am a quick learner, so I believe I could make an excellent addition regardless.

Computer science student with years of classroom hours in cloud security, automation, and digital forensics under my belt. Seeking to use my newly-obtained top-secret security clearance and 4.0 GPA to become the next network engineer at Astoria Tech.

The perfect one communicates to them that, even though you’re just out of college, you have what it takes to combat the most serious threats on their behalf. And using their name is a fantastic approach to pique their interest.

You’ll be granted interview permission in a jiffy!

Remember that this section will highlight the achievements the HR manager/recruiter will expect to see in your resume.

Skills For Cyber Security Resumes

When writing your resume for cyber security jobs, be sure to investigate the job role and provide essential skillsets for your job application. It ensures your cybersecurity resume will target the right roles and also helps to ensure your resume passes through resume selections. Below are a few of the hard skills that are posted in cybersecurity jobs. Make sure your search phrases have the right keywords. This skill may be inserted into a skills category within resumes. When you write this section always make sure to tailor your resumes skill section to the jobs you are interested in.

Pro Tip: To get a great job in cyber security, employers love to see depth in your fundamentals. Show them you have other IT knowledge, such as operating systems, common exploitation techniques and computer architecture, for example.

skills for cyber security resume

Key & Technical Skills

The recruiter utilizes the ATS to select only the best candidates so that you have high scores in ATS. You need to be able to use keywords in job descriptions to describe your skills and abilities. Also, ensure all skills highlighted are backed with a statement of professional experience.

But which cyber security skills?

First, make a basic list of cyber security skills. Add both hard and soft skills.

Hard skills are those you study and learn (e.g., detecting intrusions and vulnerabilities), and soft skills are ones you work on throughout your life (e.g., being a great communicator).

Use the keyword tracker to identify top trending keywords if you are not tailoring your application for a specific opening. Some of these are:

  • CSA Domains
  • Malware Analysis
  • Communication Skills
  • App & Interface Security
  • Risk Analysis
  • Attention to Detail
  • Audit Assurance & Compliance
  • Python Scripting
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Continuity Mgmt & Operational Resilience
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Change Control & Configuration
  • Data Analytics
  • Time Management
  • Data Security & Information Lifecycle Mgmt
  • Programming
  • Creative Thinking
  • Datacenter Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Accountability
  • Encryption & Key Mgmt
  • Encryption
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Governance & Risk Mgmt
  • Automation/Devops
  • Works Well Under Pressure
  • Identity & Access Mgmt
  • Security Analysis
  • Critical Thinking
  • Infrastructure & Virtualization
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Decision Making
  • Interoperability & Portability
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Technical Skills
  • Mobile Security
  • Secure Software Development
  • Analytical and Diagnostic Skills
  • Security Incident Mgmt, E-Discovery & Cloud Forensics
  • Incident Response
  • Management Skills
  • Supply Chain Mgmt, Transparency & Accountability
  • SIEM Tools
  • Computer Skills
  • Threat & Vulnerability Mgmt

But, putting all of those abilities on your resume willy-nilly is like handing over credit card information via an unsecured channel—

Not a brilliant idea.

Instead, use the job ad to help you decide which skills are most important to them.

Here’s an example cyber security job description:

  • Perform and manage technical evaluation and penetration testing of internally- and commercially-developed applications (web, desktop, and mobile), systems, and medical devices.
  • Assist in evaluating and developing the security controls for IT solutions of all types (mobile, web, client-server, etc).
  • Maintain current knowledge of security vulnerabilities, threats, and industry standard methodologies (both within and external to the healthcare industry).
  • Participate in appropriate and relevant conferences and courses to maintain technical proficiency.
  • Assist in developing and implementing an annual personal education plan to develop and maintain currency of security-related skills, technologies, methodologies, and standard methodologies.

Based on the job description, there’s a right way and a wrong way to list your IT skills:

Information Security Analyst—Skills Section

  • Data encryption.
  • Malware detection.
  • Virus deletion.
  • Effective at technical evaluation and penetration testing
  • Skilled at development of security controls
  • Enthusiastic about personal growth and improving security skills

The wrong example follows in their footsteps, mimicking their needs like a keylogger—in an acceptable way. It’s carefully designed to be exactly what they’re searching for.

Action verbs for cyber security resumes

Those accomplishments that you have in your cyber security resume (especially work experiences) must begin with action. These action verbs are very technical and relate to engineering. This will give you more visibility of your skills. Use different verbs to highlight different experiences on resumes.

Don’t forget about the ATS, either.

Companies of all sizes receive hundreds (or more) applications every day. Applicant tracking software is a program that aids in the processing of these.

The HR manager loads resumes into the ATS and provides it with certain resume keywords to search for.

The best-matching ones get whitelisted for the job.

Pro Tip: Maintain a current list of skills. If you have outdated encryption techniques on your resume, employers will be irritated. However, if you talk about your understanding of future security solutions, they’ll adore you.

How to Describe Your Cyber Security Experience

Cyber Security Analyst

January 2015–December 2018

Hackers With Ethics, New York, NY

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Monitored organization’s networks for security breaches and investigated violations.
  • Prepared reports which documented security breaches and extent of damage caused by breaches.
  • Conducted penetration testing and located vulnerabilities in systems before they could be exploited.

Key Achievement

  • Identified over 350 new viruses and malware in under 4 years.

word image 2

The wrong one is missing something crucial—

Achievements should be highlighted over duties. Using perfectly-chosen cyber security duties and quantifiable accomplishments will make your resume pop.

Also, note that the achievements are further highlighted by using bullet points after the specific duties are described.

But, what if you haven’t had previous paid experience?

Not to worry.

Here’s how you can use your other experiences to demonstrate relevance in a cyber security job:

Entry-Level Cyber Security Resume No Experience

Website Consultant

January 2016–December 2018

WordPress Workplace, New York, NY

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Reviewed a number of client issues to see which approach would be the most successful in defending WordPress sites from attack.
    • Monitored websites for malware and security risks.
    • Performed validation and removed any security issues found.
    • Built a credible reputation by successfully securing and monitoring over 50 websites with zero major assaults.

Here, for example, you consulted on multiple aspects of a client’s website, from design to content placement. However, you only listed relevant responsibilities and achievements for an infosecurity job.

Pro Tip: A resume is not a work autobiography! It is a selective recounting of achievements and responsibilities pertaining strictly to the position being applied for.

What Are the Top Trending Cybersecurity Keywords?

I’d like to offer you a free keyword tracker that I’ve used with my clients to identify recurring trending keywords in job descriptions.

Free Keyword Tracker

The premise is simple: Identify trending keywords and then count their occurrence across the job descriptions. Use these keywords to optimize your cybersecurity resume and LinkedIn profile.

Optimize your resume and profile around these top skills and you will secure interviews!

Education Section

If you don’t have the right permissions, hiring managers are like identity management systems: they won’t let you pass.

How can you obtain permission to the cyber security interview?

Whether you’re creating an IT security manager resume or a cyber cryptography internship, your education section must deliver.

Cyber Security Analyst Resume Samples—Education Section

word image 3

What if you’re still working on your degree?

Add an unfinished degree like this:

Majoring in Cybersecurity (Cyber Operations Concentration)

Excelsior College, Albany, NY

Expected Graduation: 2021

Relevant Coursework: Cyberattacks and Defenses, Computer Forensics, Cryptography, Risk Management, Web Architecture, Access Control and Intrusion Detection Technology, Security Defense Countermeasures.

Only have high school?

Most cyber security jobs require at least an associate degree and/or a valid cyber security certificate. Check the job ad for the educational requirements.

If applying for a lower-level job, such as for a cyber security intern or junior cyber security analyst, add high school like this:

Townsend Harris High School, Flushing, NY

Graduated: 2014

Want more tips for writing the skills section for security resumes? Book a complimentary resume consultation!

Want more tips for writing the skills section for security resumes? Book a complimentary resume consultation!

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