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With technological advances, it’s become possible to engage in complex talent acquisition and hiring practices that allow for both focused job title outreach and broad applicant searches – especially through social media sites like LinkedIn, which provides new potential candidates who weren’t willing to divulge personal information before.

In this changing work environment, employers need to find ways not only of attracting talent through a job post but also retaining them over time by providing continuous learning opportunities as well as meaningful work assignments where they can grow their skillsets. 

Technology has enabled us to create new opportunities and multiple job openings for both employers and employees in ways that weren’t possible before.

The traditional methods of recruiting, screening, selecting, and orienting new hires are being challenged by the need to integrate seamlessly into a changing work environment. 

More companies have begun utilizing artificial intelligence for recruitment to increase productivity. The hiring process for deploying artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies will differ in the future.


This company culture is experiencing major changes in recent years – mainly in the diversity, equity, and inclusion recruitment process.

This change has happened glacially and other things are happening at lightning speed.

The largest changes to the “we are hiring” job ad are attributed to technology developments that ultimately changed the hiring ad process to attract candidates. This disruption is not going anywhere and it’ll be another year that’s bringing in more recruitment process trends than the previous.

Most of these key job search trends have already occurred, with substantial effects on consumers. With the changes coming, employers need to take a high-level approach when seeking talent.

Learn How Employers Use Linkedin

We’ll explain how LinkedIn can help employers identify you.

Employer networks recognize LinkedIn as a hub for connections on LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn’s recruiter tools, decision-makers can look at more than 575 million jobs available. To identify potential top candidates, hiring managers search for specific keywords within their LinkedIn profiles. Your job title is especially key! Employer’s no longer to post “we are hiring” ads!

The following sections will give you an overview of how recruiters source and connect prospective job seekers to an open position instead of using “we are hiring” online ads.

The following sections will give you an overview of how recruiters source and connect prospective employers.



What’s The Hidden Job Market And How Do I Access It?

For many senior executives, the search for job opportunities is time-consuming and stressful. It doesn’t have to be. There are ways to make your job hunt easier. Here are some tips that will help you find a new opportunity more quickly:

You may be surprised to hear that many job opportunities are never advertised or posted on job boards. So how do you find an unadvertised job post? Sometimes they are advertised indirectly on a business’s social media pages or in a current employee’s social media post examples.

The recruiting industry hidden market can include jobs with companies who don’t post job openings because of the deluge of job candidates they receive or because they want to replace someone in the position – so there’s less competition when looking for these jobs than when applying through an advertisement.

If employers have work available but haven’t yet advertised, the pool of potential job seekers narrows to your advantage.

If you don’t take the time to look for hidden jobs, you’re only touching the tip of the iceberg.

There will be a great deal of competition for those jobs, and because of that, your chances of securing an interview will be dramatically reduced. 

So how do you find them? 


How Can I Find Hidden Jobs?

The more people who know that you’re looking for work, the more likely someone will have information about a job that isn’t advertised yet, or that may become available in the near future. You might be able to get the name of a good contact, or even a recommendation or referral.

The best strategies for finding hidden jobs are to build your professional network optimize your keywords to target similar roles at specific companies.

Here are other ways to find hidden jobs in your job search:

Social Media

Take advantage of social media sites to promote your brand. LinkedIn is, of course, the most commonly used professional networking site. In fact, your chances of getting a job without having a LinkedIn profile are fairly slim. Make sure you’re optimizing your LinkedIn profile so recruiters and hiring managers can find you.

A recent study found that 80% of executives are open to new opportunities, but only 26% of them are actually successful in finding one. So what’s the problem?

Use Your Network

The more people who know that you’re looking for work, the more likely someone will have information about a job that isn’t advertised yet, or that may become available in the near future. You might be able to get the name of a good contact, or even a recommendation or referral. The best strategies for finding hidden jobs are to build your professional network and make a targeted position bucket list to pinpoint specific roles at specific companies.

How To Ensure Recruiters Find Your LinkedIn Profile

Candidates need to understand that LinkedIn is the Number One source of talent acquisition for internal and external recruiters all over the world.

->Do you feel like your resume is not getting the attention it deserves?

->Are you struggling to find the time to network?

If so, you are not alone. A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 77% of employers are using social media in their recruitment process, and 94% of recruiters are using LinkedIn as their primary tool for finding candidates.

But don’t worry! There are things you can do to improve your chances of being found by potential employers. Here are four tips:

1) Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date. This is the first place most recruiters will look for you. If they can’t find you on LinkedIn, then your chances of being found are slim!

2) Write a professional profile summary that clearly describes the kind of job you want and what value you bring to an organization. Your summary should be very clear of any substandard language or spelling mistakes as recruiters will view you as unprofessional if this is the case.

3) Think of your headline as one that will catch the eye of a recruiter and make them want to click through to read the rest of your profile. Your headline should give away what type of job you are looking for so that recruiters know they’ve found their ideal candidate. So, for example, if you’re looking for an entry-level IT role then your headline should be “Entry-Level IT Specialist.

4) Use LinkedIn to demonstrate your expertise by getting endorsements or recommendations from former employers and colleagues who will give positive feedback about the quality of work you do. This endorsement feature is also a great way to expand your network as well, so it’s important to stay active and build up this part of your profile.

Wondering If You Are Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage?

LinkedIn is a search-friendly site, which means that recruiters can conduct thorough searches that will detect what’s on your profile, which is directly relevant to their candidate search, simply by entering a few keywords in the search bar at the top or utilizing the advanced search page. You will not be searched, short-listed, or considered if your profile is incomplete.


If recruiters don’t want to use LinkedIn’s built-in search feature, they may use Google to find people based on a more extensive search criteria. Because Google loves LinkedIn, the content on your profile is easily discoverable through the Google search bar. Again, if your profile is not complete and does not contain the right information, then you will miss out on a potential job interview.

What Keywords to Add to Your Profile?

As a senior executive, you are likely no stranger to the challenges of finding the perfect job. You have likely been searching for months or years and know that there is more than one way to get your resume in front of hiring managers. But what keywords should you use? How do you know which keywords will actually help your search? Good news! LinkedIn has some great tools that can help you find out just how well your resume matches up with jobs on their site. 

These terms are frequently used in job descriptions, and as a result, recruiters will tend to include them in their candidate searches. If you’re having trouble coming up with keywords, check out the Job’s Section on LinkedIn for open positions that are relevant to you. Look through both the candidate requirements and responsibilities to see what phrases are used to describe them. Your next task is to make sure that each of these keywords appears on your profile, so you’ll need to create a list.

You can also work with an executive resume and LinkedIn profile writer to make sure that they include all the right buzzwords in order to put yourself at the top of recruiters’ lists. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one resume is like any other and you should put in anything and everything for your keywords. To get results, you need to do a little bit of research and find out which buzzwords will help your job search the most.


Over six million LinkedIn users have posted employment. These can help you learn the credentials and qualifications of potential employers. Check the usage language and precise usage. Identify this phrase when improving your past job description. Google ranks you for the keyword in the title or tagline of the job. Make maximum use of these lines for keyword optimization on your site.

Add Yourself to Groups + Make Connections 

LinkedIn works in a way that with a basic account, you need connections before you can start to view candidate profiles. Given that not all recruiters will use a paid LinkedIn recruiter account, you will need to ensure that you have a minimum of 500 connections within your network so that you’re found and your full profile can be seen. Apart from adding connections of people that you know within your network, you could also look at joining LinkedIn groups which would allow you to be connected to other users via the group.

Here are four ways to help boost your profile and find new opportunities:

-Join groups to meet new connections

-Answer questions on discussions boards material that you are knowledgeable about.

-Make your profile more visible by using the additional options that LinkedIn has available such as displaying your blog posts and testimonials directly onto your profile.

Profile Completeness + Add Media

Ensuring that you have a fully complete LinkedIn profile with a photo and recommendations will assist you in finding new opportunities.

Other options such as including your blog posts (if you have one), displaying testimonials directly onto your profile can allow recruiters to see the full picture of what you’re capable of – recognition from clients and colleagues is invaluable!

Upload Videos + Professional Headshots

LinkedIn offers users the ability to upload videos so that you will be able to present yourself in a professional manner. This could include presenting at conferences, webinars or seminars. Showcase your skills and the knowledge you have within marketing, IT & digital media through uploading video material directly onto LinkedIn.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you know how to add the right keywords to your resume and profile, it’s time to start making connections. Join groups, answer questions on discussion boards, and make yourself visible by using LinkedIn’s additional options. Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date, and consider uploading videos or professional headshots. The more you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd, the better your chances of finding the job you want. Let us help you take your job search to the next level with our executive resume writing services – contact us today for a free consultation!

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