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Chief of Staff Resume should include strong administrative, leadership abilities, strategic planning, and vision. The Chief of Staff role is highly demanding and challenging. The position works directly with senior executives and board members, as well as with the CEO or executive team. You will also be responsible for overseeing the CEO’s administrative, financial, and operational responsibilities. Your resume summary should mention that you have been a part of the executive board, participated in strategic initiatives, and coached your staff. Additionally, the position requires a high level of communication skills and an understanding of the organization’s goals.

A hiring manager or recruiter will only spend a few minutes or even seconds to review each resume as they can receive hundreds for each job posting. It is important to highlight the elements of your resume that clearly demonstrate why you are a great candidate for the position. You only have one chance to make that great impression!

Chief of Staff Resume Example

The following Chief of Staff Resume was written for a top executive. This COS resume sample demonstrates metrics-driven accomplishments in the financial services industry to position this executive for a new role in a similar company.

In this Chief of Staff Resume, we have bolded the results and achievements on each bullet to help lead the reader’s eye and motivate them to call our candidate to book an interview. 

Here are more examples of our award-winning resume C-Level Resume Samples and more information on our Chief of Staff Resume Writing Service Packages.

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chief of staff resume sample
chief of staff resume

Best Chief of Staff Resume Example

Are you looking for a Chief of Staff position? Let us help you land more interviews by helping you create the best Chief of Staff resume for you. Book an appointment to speak directly with Arno Markus, our CEO and Founder.


When writing a Summary Statement for your Chief of Staff resume, make sure to highlight all your relevant skills and experience. A resume is only read for a few minutes by a recruiter, so it is important to make a strong first impression. In addition, the format you use for your resume should be optimized for the position you are applying for. A reverse chronological resume format is the most common.

A Chief of staff resume should be no more than 2 pages long, with approximately 450 words per page. The resume should be professionally formatted, and the content should be compelling and relevant. The best way to ensure that your resume looks professional is to do your research beforehand.  Your name should be the largest text on the page, near the top of the document. Your address does not have to include the street name; a list of your city and state is acceptable.

When writing the Summary Section of your Chief Of Staff resume, you should use action words and power words. These words are effective at grabbing the attention of your recruiter and entice them to read further. For example, if you have experience in running a nonprofit or a business, it should be mentioned in the Summary. If you have experience in volunteer work, make sure to include this as well.

As a Chief of Staff, you will have a varied set of responsibilities. Aside from overseeing the daily operations of the headquarters, you will also have to develop staff policies and procedures. This position will require a high level of administrative support and collaboration between multiple departments and personnel. The duties of a Chief of Staff resume include drafting documents for executive leaders and overseeing the execution of official communications.

A Chief of Staff resume will highlight strong administrative and leadership skills, strategic planning, and vision. The Chief of Staff has a demanding role, and the right candidate should have experience in working with senior executives and board members. As a result, he or she must have excellent communication skills. In addition, he or she should have a thorough understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Lastly, the experience section is crucial for your Chief Of Staff resume. Make sure that you incorporate industry-related jargon and technical keywords. However, be sure to strike the right balance between keywords and meaning. The experience section should also focus on your achievements in terms of performance. Quantifying your performance results is a surefire way to make your experience section stand out and impress the hiring manager.

The Chief of Staff resume should highlight strong leadership skills, effective communication, and strategic planning. The role of Chief of Staff is extremely demanding. He or she works directly with the CEO, board members, and senior executives. In addition, the Chief of Staff is often responsible for overseeing the administrative responsibilities of the CEO. It’s also important to highlight your ability to collaborate and coach the organization’s staff. In addition, a strong understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives is necessary for success in this role.

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Arno Markus Resume Writer

Arno Markus ​BA, MSc., CPRW
iCareerSolutions CEO and Founder

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