Chief Operating Officer (COO) Resume Samples & Guide for 2024

Creating a COO Resume That Operates!

Take a glance at our amazing COO Resume examples which are eye-catching, strong, and error-free and represent your best abilities and experiences.

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A Chief Operating Officer’s Resume should include integrity, excellent organizational and leadership abilities. It should demonstrate the Chief Operations Officer’s aptitude for decision-making and problem-solving, as well as their strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ideally, the resume will track your transition from Operations Manager to Director of Operations or Vice President of Operations, showing your career progression. But recruiters do not want your whole career story unless it directly relates to their job.

Consider your COO resume as a medium for self-promotion. It is more than a document: it details your history, qualifications, and education so that a prospective employer can immediately and efficiently see how your unique perspectives can lead to the success of a business. A prospective employer’s first view of you is always based on your resume.

Have you ever applied online and received one of those “thank you but no thank you” letters and never know why? Well, the sad truth is your resume was probably never seen by a human! No matter how great a candidate you are if your resume is never seen you will never be considered for the position.

Our detailed guide covers everything you need to know, from essential skills and formatting tips to real-world examples. Elevate your career with a resume that captures your expertise and leadership abilities.

COO Resume Sample - Telecommunication Industry

Chief Operating Officer resume (included below) was written for a top executive and clearly demonstrates metrics-driven accomplishments to position this upwardly-mobile executive having experience and dramatic success in the telecommunications industry.

In this COO resume example, you can see we have taken the candidate’s accomplishments and created bolded bulleted achievement statements using the C-A-R approach. Showing the Challenge, what he did – the Action, and most importantly the Result. We have bolded these results for easy readability.

We have also used an easy-to-read format as well as some graphs to even further highlight his achievements as a Chief Operations Officer. A splash of color sets this COO resume apart from the hundreds of boring black and white resumes. We have also added a telecommunications graphic to refer to the candidate’s industry.

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Best COO Resume Example

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COO Resume Sample - Healthcare Industry

Chief Operating Officer resume (included below) was written for an entrepreneurial visionary executive with 20+ years of expertise in steering clinical care delivery operations and scientific innovation.

Executive Director /COO Resume Sample

Chief Operating Officer resume (included below) was written for an executive director with 7+ years of experience in optimizing organizational performance and efficiency, driving sustainable growth, and delivering exemplary customer satisfaction. We’ve included the professional headline “DRIVING OPERATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY, FISCAL HEALTH & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE” just below the title to catch the employer’s attention.

Executive Director/ Chief Operating Officer Resume Example

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Average COO salary in the US

The average salary for a Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the United States varies based on factors such as experience, location, and the size of the organization. According to recent data by

Average Salary (USD) $486,825
Salary Range $378,637 - $631,107

 Why this is the right time to become a COO: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of top executives, is projected to grow 6% from 2021 to 2031, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations. About 311,600 openings for top executives are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

How to write Chief Operating Officer (COO) Resume

If you are searching for a position as a chief operating officer, you’ll want to know what to include in your COO resume.  You’ll need to focus on the skills and experience that will make you a great fit for the job. A Chief Operations Officer resume must be well organized. It should contain the most relevant information in bullet points and sections. All of this information should be laid out in a logical manner so that the hiring board will find it easy to read.  A professionally written COO resume will make you stand out from other candidates. 

Select the Right Resume Format

When writing a resume, make sure to use the correct format. It should be brief, easy to read, and highlight any applicable skills or projects. It should also highlight any awards and achievements. Generally, a resume for a chief operating officer should be two pages. 

Use reverse chronological resume format. The reverse chronological resume format is a hybrid between the functional and chronological resume formats.  By ordering the information in chronological order, the hiring manager will find it easier to evaluate it.  It highlights a continuous work history and upward career trajectory. It begins with your most recent position and includes dates, city, and employer. It is the best format to highlight your upward and lateral career mobility. 

Make sure to use bold headings to identify each section of your resume. A professional font is also a great addition to your resume.

Expert Tip: Make sure you highlight your accomplishments in a way that will appeal to the hiring manager.

Title & Contact Information

Your resume title is the first impression you make on a potential employer. It should be clear, concise, and accurately reflect your professional identity. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Use Your Full Name: Start with your full legal name, as it appears on official documents. This ensures there’s no confusion when employers are verifying your details.

  2. Professional Title: Directly beneath your name, include your current or desired job title. For a Chief Operating Officer (COO) resume, simply stating “Chief Operating Officer” or “COO” is effective. If you have a specialization, you can add it here, such as “COO – Operations and Strategy.”

  3. Optional Sub-Title: If applicable, you can add a brief sub-title highlighting your core competency or unique selling point, like “DRIVING OPERATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY, FISCAL HEALTH & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE”


Jane Doe

Chief Operating Officer


Including Your Contact Information

Your contact information should be easily accessible and professional. This section should include the following:

  1. Phone Number: Provide your primary phone number where you can be easily reached. Ensure your voicemail greeting is professional in case you miss a call.

  2. Email Address: Use a professional email address, ideally incorporating your name (e.g., Avoid using unprofessional or overly personal email addresses.

  3. LinkedIn Profile: Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and aligns with the information on your resume.

  4. Physical Address: It’s optional to include your full address. If you prefer privacy, listing just the city and state is sufficient.

  5. Website/Portfolio: If you have a personal website or online portfolio showcasing your work, include the URL. This can be particularly useful for demonstrating your achievements and expertise.


Jane Doe

Chief Operating Officer


Phone: (123) 456-7890
Location: New York, NY

Tips for Formatting

  • Consistency: Use a consistent font and style for your title and contact information. This maintains a professional appearance.
  • Clarity: Ensure your contact details are easy to read. Avoid using overly small fonts or cramped layouts.
  • Priority: Place this section at the top of your resume. It should be the first thing employers see.
title and contact information example for coo resume

Powerful Summary for Chief Operating Officer (COO) Resume

Your summary should be a condensed version of your career’s greatest hits. Focus on how many years you’ve been in the industry, your core competencies, and what you bring to the table. Aim for no more than 3-4 sentences that encapsulate why you’re the COO they’ve been searching for.

A Summary lists your strongest features in a job description for your prospective employer to easily recall and also provides a way to identify personal traits. Make it clear that you’re positioned to take on high-level responsibilities.

Expert Tip: Remember summary sections are brief and contain tiny fragmented sentences.

Have a look at Sample COO Resume Summary Below: 

COO Resume Summary example

You should also include your accomplishments in your summary.  Be clear about what you’ve accomplished—and make sure those accomplishments are quantifiable.