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Medical Resumes should include strong leadership skills, management skills, communication skills, teamwork ability, work ethics, and business acumen. More than a top-notch degree program or hands-on experience is needed for a promising career in health care. Employers of healthcare professionals look for more than just your clinical skills on your resume. It’s also important that you hone your so-called “soft skills,” also known as “personality skills.”

Your medical resume is made up of several parts that highlight your skills and experience, but the final product must be both impressive and easy to read, and you might need some assistance in doing so. All medical resume examples should be ATS-Keyword Optimizes and achievement-based. A professional medical resume writer can help you ensure recruiters see your medical resume by making sure you have the right keywords. Let us help you build a medical resume that highlights your best abilities and will help you make a perfect impression on the one reading it.

Award-Winning Medical Resume Sample

This Clinical Pharmacy Leader Resume is written for a medical professional seeking a role in a hospital setting. This medical resume sample demonstrates this leader’s metrics-driven advancements in patient care and pharmaceutical treatments.

Joe’s medical resume example begins with a logo highlighting “Med” in his last name, Medlin (in green with the remainder of his name in gray). The strategy I used for Joe’s resume was based on a prescription theme. The box to the right of his name states his position and that he is a patient champion, including his brand: “Authoring Winning Prescriptions for Optimal Patient Outcomes for 15 Years.” The branding title of Clinical Pharmacy Leader can be adjusted to match the position title for any other job descriptions that Joe may be applying to.

The first box below his contact information states Joe’s “prescription” for pharmacy health, including two bullet points that emphasize the ability to convey technical information to hospital personnel and “dispense, socialize, and apply credible and balanced scientific knowledge.”

To round out the prescription theme in this box, the last line reads, “Use as needed for optimizing patient care.” The box below that, Joe’s “formulary,” indicates how he qualifies for the roles above, including his years of experience and knowledge of provider needs to achieve the “prescription” in the first box. The image to the right, titled “My Formulary of Compounds & Elements,” contains Joe’s key skills in the areas of pharmacy leadership, therapy assessment, and provider education around a picture of some pills.

Each of Joe’s roles at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital, Mercy Health System dating to 2006 are described in paragraph form, followed by bulleted achievements. His current role’s accomplishments are divided into those that directly impacted patients (elaborating on the “Patient Champion” theme) and those that benefitted the hospital and pharmacy (“Pharmacy Health” theme) on the first page. A graph to the right showcases how Joe drastically reduced patient falls through a drug therapy change, which is elaborated upon in one of the bullet points.

Page two continues with Joe’s current role, listing his committee involvement at the hospital as a third section for his bullet points. His effectiveness in one particular committee is called out in a quote in the box to the right. A listing of Joe’s presentations to staff at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital is contained in a box to illustrate the breadth of pharmacotherapy education he has provided. Joe’s early pharmacist roles are briefly mentioned in an “Additional Experience” area to validate his claim of 15 years of experience. His education, licensure, and organizations are listed below that.

We are very proud that this medical resume example received the prestigious global 2019 TORI award in the Best Healthcare/Medical Resume Category, the International Resume Writing Industry’s most prestigious Toast of the Resume Industry™ (TORI) Resume Writing Competition by Career Directors International. The Top Resume Writing Awards are based on Visual Formatting and Design, Personal Branding, understanding of Employer/Position Requirements, and the use of powerful language. These Awards represent the Best Professional Resume Writers in the US.

Here is more information on our Medical Resume Writing Services or Executive Medical Resume Writing Services.

Medical Resume
Healthcare Resume
Award-Winning Healthcare Resume Sample
Clinical Pharmacy Leader

What are the skills needed for a great medical resume?

Below are just some examples of skills required for a remarkable medical resume. Remember, you can’t just copy and paste this skill into your resume. They must be relevant to you and the job application and medical skills that you actually possess. You should include all of your hard skills, including certifications and technical proficiencies, as well as any soft skills that are mentioned in the job posting. Each of your key achievement statements can contain these keywords. We use actual examples to demonstrate this skill. Writing a medical resume is not about “stuffing” medical jargon but providing specific achievement states that are rich with the relevant keywords.

All medical professionals will have different keywords or medical skills. The medical field is wide and varied. Below are some of the keywords that may relate to you and other medical professionals, but there are many more specialized keywords that you may need as well. By carefully reviewing the job posting and working with a professional resume writer, you can ensure that your medical resume has the right keywords!

Why are these skills so important to have on your medical resume? Because of the dreaded Applicant Tracking Systems used by hiring managers and medical recruiters when creating the medical job description. These ATS systems are programmed with the keywords that the hiring manager feels are most appropriate for their position. These keywords could be slightly different from the exact same job but at a different hospital created by a different HR manager. It is important to not only match the job title with your branding title but also to match the keywords. A professional medical resume writer can assist you with keyword optimizing your medical resume.

Whatever your medical field, as a medical professional, you must present your medical skills and any soft skills that match the medical job you are applying for. Failing to have the right keywords could result in your resume being rejected before it ever is ever seen by a human!


  • Ambulatory Care                            
  • Coronary Care Unit (CCU)         
  • Cardiovascular ICU            
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Maternity Ward                           
  • Neonatal ICU                     
  • Neuro ICU
  • Open Heart Recovery                     
  • Operating Room
  • Recovery Room                 
  • Surgical Step-down
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit          
  • Telemetry Monitoring                 
  • Triage 


  • Allergy                              
  • Anesthesiology                     
  • Audiology            
  • Cardiology                      
  • Chiropractic 
  • Dentistry                           
  • Dermatology                         
  • Dietetics              
  • Endocrinology                 
  • Fertility
  • Gastroenterology              
  • Gerontology | Geriatrics        
  • Gynecology        
  • HAZ-TAC                       
  • Holistic Wellness
  • Immunology                      
  • Internal Medicine                 
  • Kinesiology         
  • Laboratory Technology   
  • Maternity
  • Medical-Surgical               
  • Nephrology                          
  • Neonatal             
  • Neurology                       
  • Nutrition 
  • Obstetrics                         
  • Occupational Therapy          
  • Oncology            
  • Ophthalmology               
  • Orthodontistry
  • Orthopedics                      
  • Otolaryngology                    
  • Pathology           
  • Pediatrics                        
  • Phlebotomy
  • Plastic Surgery                
  • Podiatry                                
  • Psychiatry           
  • Physical Therapy            
  • Pulmonology
  • Preventive Medicine         
  • Prostheses and Orthotics      
  • Radiology           
  • Rehabilitation                 
  • Rheumatology
  • Respiratory | Ventilation    
  • Speech Pathology                 
  • Sonography        
  • Surgery                          
  • Toxicology
  • Urology           
  • Vascular Technology      


  • Abnormal Growth Development              
  • Accident and Injury Prevention                    
  • Adolescent Nursing            
  • Advocacy and Linkage                          
  • After-School Activities                        
  • Assistive Devices Usage
  • At Risk Populations                  
  • Athletic Physicals
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation               
  • Child Development Stages                            
  • Child Find Program
  • Child Support  Resources    
  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Classroom Modifications
  • Communicable Disease Control               
  • Community Agency Networking                   
  • Community Health Promotion
  • Community Nursing                          
  • Community Policing Partnership                   
  • Community Resource Programs
  • Coping With Physical Challenges              
  • Corrective Action                             
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Crisis Team Member                         
  • Current Health Care Laws                              
  • Current Health Issues
  • Current Health Practices  
  • Diagnoses and Treatment  
  • Direct and Indirect Student Care
  • Direct Nursing Health Care                       
  • Disease Prevention    
  • Disease Symptoms
  • Educational Changes                        
  • Emergency Room Nursing                          
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Emotional Health
  • First Aid Training    
  • First Aid Treatment 
  • Follow-Up Evaluations           
  • Health and Wellness Education                      
  • Health and Wellness Enhancement
  • Health And Wellness  Promotion              
  • Health Appraisals
  • Health Consulting Services
  • Health Disorders  Treatment
  • Health Issues Identification                             
  • Health Maintenance
  • Health Office Activities                              
  • Health Plan Development                               
  • Health Policies  and Procedures
  • Health Precautions                                   
  • Health Problems Intervention                         
  • Health Program Coordination 
  • Health Program Development                 
  • Health Program Management                        
  • Health Program Modification   
  • Health Risk Factors                                  
  • Health Screening Program                            
  • Health Screenings
  • Health Screenings Assessments               
  • Health Services Coordination                        
  • Health Services Delivery
  • Health Supplies Purchasing                      
  • Health Teaching and Guidance                       
  • Health Training 
  • Hearing and Vision Screening                  
  • Height and Weight Monitoring                         
  • High Standards of Nursing 
  • Illness Assessment                                   
  • Illness Prevention 
  • Immunization Programs 
  • Immunizations Coordination                   
  • Indirect Nursing Health Care                        
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP)
  • Individual Health Plans (IHP)   
  • Infection Control Programs              

  •  Injury Prevention                                   
  • Instructional Materials                                
  • Insulin Therapy Management
  • Interpretation of Regulations                    
  • Least Restrictive Placements                    
  • Legislative Issues
  • Medical Disorders                                 
  • Medical Findings Interpretation                   
  • Medical Resource Linkage
  • Medical Services Upgrades                    
  • Medically Prescribed Services                    
  • Medication Administering
  • Mental and Emotional Screenings          
  • Mental Health Issues                                  
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Multicultural Values and Beliefs              
  • Multidisciplinary Team Member                   
  • Nursing Assessments
  • Nursing Case Management                    
  • Nursing Coordination                              
  • Nursing Diagnoses
  • Nursing Education                                 
  • Nursing Interventions                                 
  • Nursing Policies and Procedures
  • Nursing Principles and Techniques         
  • Nursing Quality Assurance                        
  • Nursing Regulations Compliance
  • Nursing Work Standards                       
  • Optimal Health Maintenance                    
  • Optimum Health Services 
  • Parent Liaison                                       
  • Pediatric Emergency Assessment           
  • Pediatric Health Issues
  • Pediatric Nursing                                    
  • Pharmaceuticals Safekeeping                      
  • Physical Health Screenings 
  • Primary Health Care Linkage                 
  • Progress Update Reports                            
  • Public Health Problems     
  • Purchasing of Health Supplies              
  • Purchasing of Special Equipment               
  • Quality Nursing Health Services
  • Quality School Health Programs            
  • Quality Student Health Services                 
  • Rash Treatment
  • Record Keeping                                   
  • School Health Care Services                          
  • School Health Programs 
  • School Health Regulations                      
  • School Health Services Planning                   
  • School Nurse Orientation 
  • School Safety                                        
  • Self-Care Education                                    
  • Self-Care Encouragement 
  • Sexual Health Education                        
  • Social Health                                           
  • Special Education Placement 
  • Special Nursing Interventions               
  • Staff Wellness             
  • State and Federal Regulations
  • Student  Goal Establishment                 
  • Student Academic Success                          
  • Student Assessment Findings
  • Student Progress Monitoring                  
  • Student Safety and Protection                      
  • Student Treatment Plans   
  • Substance Abuse Identification                
  • Technology-Dependent Care                         
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Treatment Coordination                        
  • Treatment Procedures                               
  • Workshop Leader
  • Workshop Preparation     
  • Wound Dressing Changes

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