Sales Director Resume

Sales Director Resume

Taking Sales Director Resume to the Next Level

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What are the Essential Elements of a Great Sales Director Resume?

 Sales Director Resume should include excellent sales and negotiation skills. It should show the sales director’s ability to motivate, initiative, and drive sales with enthusiasm. Good planning, organizational skills, and business acumen should also appear on a great Sales Director Resume. The Sales Director is responsible for the strategic leadership of a sales department within a business.

The job market is flooded with highly skilled sales director candidates, making it difficult to stand out. Understanding what skills for a sales resume are needed, in addition to demonstrated sales experience, is critical. Employers are looking for the best of the best – someone who can contribute to the company’s growth and competitiveness.

As with any marketing campaign, it starts with a strong brand. Remember you may be able to sell anything but most candidates find it difficult to promote themselves. Your sales director resume should be an objective look at your career and how it relates to the job posting. Know your target market – the recruiter or hiring manager. What are their needs? Read the job description!

Executive recruiters can tell if you have not read their job description. This is a fatal mistake because that posting gives you the information you need to stand out and market yourself as the best candidate for the job by targeting your resume to their job not just giving them your entire career story. To be blunt, they do not care!

What a recruiter wants to see on your Sales Director Resume are accomplishments that match their job posting. Do not provide a generalist or duties and responsibilities resume. They just do not get results. The Best Director of Sales Resumes are branded, achievement-based and keyword optimized.

Sales Director Resume Example

The following Director of Sales Resume Example was written for a C-level rising star in the technology sales market. This Director of Sales resume sample demonstrates this leader’s metrics-driven advancements in sales growth nationwide.

His branding is clear and concise. Directly under his name is “Triggering Rapid Revenue Gains and Market Share Growth”. The Sales Director Resume is a chronological format with his most recent experience at the beginning. It shows his career trajectory from sales manager thru to senior sales manager and finally to Sales Director.

We have given two keyword sections. One is called “High-Tech Areas” as they are specific to his industry in technical sales. These keywords need to be adjusted for each job posting in order to pass the dreaded ATS systems. These applicant tracking systems are designed to shortlist candidates based on the keywords they have in their resumes.

Each job posting will have its own keywords based on the personal preferences of the executive recruiter or hiring manager. And remember these are machines and are not intuitive so if the posting asks for MS Word and your resume says Microsoft Office, change it to match! If you do not “tweak” your resume for each posting there is a chance you could be rejected before your Sales Director Resume is ever seen by a human being.

No matter how successful your track record, experience increasing sales markets, or how great a candidate you think you are if your resume does not make it in front of a human you will not get the job! So once your resume is ATS keyword-optimized then you can show them how you increased market share with your brilliant sales strategy!

We have also used a pop of color and a Sales Growth graph showing revenue growth over two years. This helps Cameron stand out from the hundreds of other Director of Sales Resumes. Then at the end, we have added his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

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Director of Sales Resume Sample 1
Director of Sales Resume Sample 2
Best Director of Sales Resume Sample

Senior Sales Director – Hospitality

Senior Director of Sales Resume Example of a resume written for a sales leader in the hospitality and food and beverage space. This Senior Director of Sales resume sample demonstrates metrics-driven accomplishments related to the selling of VIP catering events. The client wanted a font and graphics that reflected the ideal of his industry.

His branding statement is”Driving Sales Revenue & Memorable Large Scale Premier Event”. We presented his accomplishments in bulleted achievement states and bolded the results for maximum impact. For example, “Boosted sales 22% of a venue to$2.05M..” demonstrating his success with measurable results. It is one thing to say you increase sales, it is another this to say how much and how you did it!

We write all our Sales Director Resumes using the C-A-R approach- Challange, Action, and Result. This allows us to create dynamic bolded achievement statements that get results! A graphic on page two also includes more of Cameron’s great accomplishments.

It is not just about telling the reader what a great candidate he is for the Sales Director position, it is about demonstrating it with measurable examples that match the needs of the job posting. It is called “reverse engineering”, as is extremely effective. We have also included a keyword section called “Top Talents”. These skills or keywords should be “tweaked” for each job posting.

Sales Director Resume Sample 1
Sales Director Resume Sample 2
Sales Director Resume Example

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